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First Interior Pictures Of New High School

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LIBRARY-STUDY ROOM: The 60 x 40 foot study hall in foreground in the academic unit will provide facilities for 180 students. The library is at rear, behind partitions, and is about 120 x 50 feet. Most units of the new high school will be finished and accepted by the Board of Education between Dec. 15 and Jan. 2. Most sections of the buildings, at Stadium. and Ann Arbor-Saline Rd., will be open for a public inspection tour from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday.

CLOTHING LABORATORY: This clothing laboratory in the home economics wing of Ann Arbor's new $6,500,000-plus high school is designed for complete functionalism. Fitting room is entered by door in center, while exit at left leads to a second laboratory. Note electric plug outlets along the wall for sewing machines. Glass block permits natural lighting, while protecting against glare of sunlight. The home economics wing also contains two food laboratories, and a model apartment.

MAIN AUDITORIUM SEATS 1,745: Main gathering place for student assemblies, plays and school functions, the main auditorium will also be a civic auditorium for use by Ann Arbor community groups. Besides a projection room in balcony, the auditorium has a 54-foot stage.

ONE OF TWO CAFETERIAS: An electric folding door when installed and closed will turn this east cafeteria into a multi-purpose recreation room for both daytime and evening social activities. It also will be used for girls' dance classes, besides being the place where 300 students may be fed in three shifts in this and a smaller 50 x 80 foot west cafeteria (not shown). A soda bar is at extreme right rear of photograph.

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES: Metal-glass partitions separate 16 high school administrative offices which will house counselors, special consultants, assistant principal, college consultant and other officers and services, including a switchboard and mail rooms.

IT'S 365 FEET TO THE OTHER END: This East-West wing corridor on the second level of the academic unit is one of two other similar hallways studded on either side by classrooms. The seven-unit high school has 67 classrooms.

THE "HOUSE" STAYS: This colonial-modern "house" is permanently installed in the painting and decorating shop, and will be used in instruction of "in-and-out" decorating-designing schemes. An industrial-type wash basin is in foreground.

WOODWORKING SHOP: The woodworking shop features factory-type construction with maximum light from glazed ceiling glass. A typical shop room among a group built for machine, auto, printing and other shop courses, construction permits flexibility of use in setting up varying-type facilities.

BICYCLE COURT: This "patio" can hold as many as 1,000 bicycles for which parking accommodations will be provided. Driver-training cars also will be parked here. The court provides the framework for future classroom construction, and will be utilized as school enrollment increases in coming years.

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ROOM: Circular raised elevations will provide space for 150 band or orchestra players who are within conductor's view from all positions in the circular room. Storage space for instruments is in recesses in rear of the room. Inset shows individual practice rooms for vocal or instrumental musicians, providing maximum privacy. Soundproof windows will permit one teacher to view all students using the special rooms.

SWIMMING POOL-GYMNASIUM: Electric folding doors will shut off the swimming pool from the gymnasium and divide the gym into play areas for boys and girls, when installed. When completed "sometime next March," the pool will be used for intramural and interscholastic events. The gym will seat up to 5,000 persons. Extensive use of the pool is anticipated by Ann Arbor residents, who will be urged to swim for pleasure or under an instructional program.