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Happy 95th Anniversary Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor

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On […|May 13, 1921], the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor was founded. Old News has published hundreds of [|photos] and [|articles] chronicling the history of one of Ann Arbor's oldest and most generous organizations. Only a few of these great photos made it into the Ann Arbor News and we hope Kiwanians enjoy this [|expanded] look back at their [|history].

The Kiwanis have donated time, money, expertise and compassion to such a wide variety of needs that it's impossible to name them all. First and foremost is the Kiwanis long association with University Hospital (later Mott) Children's ward. In the 1920s the Kiwanis realized that [|polio] was consigning hundreds of Michigan children to years of hospitalization and determined they would make life as normal and enjoyable as possible for the kids. They funded a [|school], a [|therapeutic pool], [|arts] and[| crafts rooms], a professional staff, and a [|bright atmosphere] to counter the effects of polio. How did they do it? In 1927, the Kiwanis […|launched] the most famous [|Rummage Sale]in Ann Arbor. The Kiwanis [|paper sale] began in 1932 and ran for more than [|30 years].

The Kiwanis sponsored [|4-H Club picnics], rang bells for the [|Salvation Army], built Boy Scout [|cabins] and a Juvenile Center [|play shelter.] [|Schools], the YWCA's [|Camp Takona], the [|Public Library], area [|high schools] and [|nursery schools], the [|County Farm Bureau], city [|parks], the [|Police Department], the [|Special Olympics], the [|Y], whatever the need, the Kiwanis stepped up.

The Kiwanis took time to have fun with card parties, club [|picnics], [|meetings] and [|conventions], [|baseball], and one a very cool [|road trip] . Happy Anniversary Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor, here's to 95 more.

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