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Artificial Ice Company - Freezing Floor, April 1954

Artificial Ice Company - Freezing Floor, April 1954 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 17, 1954
IT'S UNDER THE BOARDS: This freezing floor at the Artificial Ice Co. has 100 openings in which the water is frozen in individual units of 330 pounds. Some of the openings are seen in the right foreground. Oren Daugherty is at the control of a crane which is lifting a housing of eight units already frozen. From here, they go to a warm water bath which loosens the ice from the containers. They then go to the cutting and storage room. Ammonia freezing coils extend through the floor. Also there are coils for air pressure, which imparts a clearness to the ice. Brine is under the containers. It takes 24 hours to freeze each unit.
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