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Badge Drop #2: The RE-BADGERING

Fri, 06/24/2016 - 6:42pm by nicole

Can you believe it's only been a WEEK since Summer Game opened and we're ALREADY back for ROUND TWO???

Clearly we're NUTS, but we couldn't be happier because Summer Game has gotten BIGGER THAN EVER this year! Can't you feel the energy of THOUSANDS of code-hunters CLAMORING? Can't you smell the BURNING RUBBER of squillions of RUBBER-SOLED SNEAKERS? Can't you hear the NERVOUS GROANING of the AADL WEBSITE as it processes BAJILLIONS of GAME CODES??

Well if you can't hear that, how about the sound of a bunch of NEW BADGES dropping like a ton of bricks? Wait for it.

2016 Badge Drop #2
echo theme_summergame_badge(1166,1176,1171,1175,1168,1167,1174,1172,1173,1169, 1177);


There it is. Isn't that a nice sound?

This week marks the drop of one of the most IMPORTANT badges of the summer--JOSIE'S BADGE! For those of you who don't know, that's your LIBRARY DIRECTOR'S badge and it's located in your LIBRARY DIRECTOR'S office, so DIRECT yourself to the Downtown LIBRARY to get the oodles of points that this badge is worth!

On top of that, we're rolling out more, more, MOAR of your FAVORITES! MOAR DINOSAURS! MOAR TROUBLESOME TRAINS! MOAR VIDEO GAMES! MOAR PARKS! And this badge drop also features the first of this year's ever-so-popular ARBOR EXPLORER badges so that you can get out and get some sun as you explore your INCREDIBLE TOWN!

And DON'T FORGET: the VERY LAST TOP OF THE PARK that AADL is hosting happens THIS SUNDAY, so stop by the AADL tent at TOP to get a code worth 500 POINTS! In the meantime, don't forget to TAG, RATE, REVIEW, and HUNT for those codes hidden around the libraries and in the catalog! And if you're just jumping in, make sure to stop by our GET STARTED page to find out what's what!

With SO MUCH to do and see this week, it would be a CRIME to make you wait even one more second so, see you next week and...



At last, it's up! I've already earned one badge and am well on the way to another. So excited!!

Happy to see the return of the Arbor Explorer badges. I did my first one last summer. How fun to earn points while walking around outdoors.

I think this question in the centennial badge has a mistake: "the first National Park - it was designated as such in 1972" I think you mean 1872.

Thanks for playing? NO,!! THANK YOU for making the game we love so much!

FINALLY! The summer game has started! I already have quite a few badges, and I can't WAIT to get more! I LOVE the summer game!!

I love the explorer badges as well as the ones related to other community organizations, like reporting the results of the August elections last year. Really a good opportunity to see how things in the city work and go to places we may not normally go. I had NO IDEA I could get my precinct's results 10 min after the polls close!

I was surprised and happy to see that mere mortals can visit the Law Library Reading Room.

Cool Badges!! Can't wait to work on them. My favourite badge so far is the national park badge. It was the first badge I did from badge drop #2.

Help: for some reason I can't locate the second code in the Little Man Mowgli badge. I have searched for as many different ways so say the pack animal and added in the clue but can't seem to locate the book. Any suggestions helpful!!

Yeah Explorer Badge. Those are my favorite! I feel a wee bit like I am on a treasure hunt!
Friend code: STOOD674

Yay badges! I was out of town last weekend and missed the first badge drop.

So excited for the explorer badges this year - those are my favorites.

I think the first two hints in the Mowgli badge got switched - the second clue seems to go with the first code and vice versa.

I'm stuck on Little Man Mowgli #2. I'm searching w****s (with and without wild boy like the hint says) and coming up with way too many options even with the youth book filters. Any advice would be appreciated.
Also, add me. PARK667

My code is OBVIOUSLY794. I had trouble with that too. Try checking the first five books with just w****s, no wild boy, then see if you find it.

@A.S.D.2003 thanks. It turns out the problem is that the clue says youth book. But filtering to youth pulls it out of the search results :(

The site has been glitchy and has told me 4 different times today that I earned Josie's badge for visiting g the 4th floor office and I haven't been there yet...

To all the summer gamer's out there I am working on the Sightseeing badge right now and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the very last code word. I have looked everywhere I can think of to find it so I am hoping some of you gamer's out there can give me one more clue to help me find the final code word.

Thanks so much

To whom it may concern,
I am wondering if game codes from 2014 are still in use or are they expired yet? I am wondering this because there are several museum and park walks I hae yet to do that I really want to do. Also is there going to be a scavenenger hunt around the city where we visit local business to get game codes this year like in the past several years.
Thanks so much

Hello! My mistake here! I added 'youth' to the book you will find, and it's not a youth book. So a general keyword search not set to any age level should bring it up quickly. Sorry about that!
- erin

FYI - A good majority of the Summer Game Shop items are currently on DISPLAY at the Downtown Library in the Youth Department Display Case if you want to see what you have to look forward to!
- erin

I can't find the last code in the sightseeing badge. I'm looking up F*********s but there are way too many options.

Unless I missed any, I've now entered all the friend codes people have posted this year. My own is FAVORITE496, so if any of you would like to add my code to earn 100 points (or 150 as a friend bonus if you already posted yours as well and I added it), please feel free! :)

@BilboJr- You have the right tv show name. Now just find the production company for that and search the production company in the catalog. The badge says to find the production company, so you will find the answer. Hope that helps!

I stopped by the "tent", but there was no tent. Went to the library like the Top people said, but you can't get the code until the concert. Bummer.

As a former Martha Cook resident, I enjoyed seeing the "Cook's Quad" badge, named after the benefactor of both the Law Quad and the Martha Cook residence :)

Thanks for adding the Law Quad explorer badge. I love these historic buildings and the peaceful, park-like interior lawn. Can't wait to explore more of A2 with the Summer Game.

This has been SUCH an enjoyable game so far! Keep it going, librarians and desk clerks!! :)

Can anyone help the first code for the Train Drain badge? I think I'm missing something obvious.

This is such an incredible summer reading program!! Thank you to all of the people who worked so hard to make the game so enjoyable and fulfilling!


We were confused by the first train clue, too. Try a search term related to the clue with just DVDs. Good luck!

Does anyone have a helpful hint for finding the "man hole" cover in the Arbor Explorer Badge? I feel like I scoured every patch of grass and stone for this thing, and had no luck. Needing a little help :/

Having a lot of fun collecting these with my gang of kids!

This is a great game! The badge scavenger hunts are really fun, and you learn lots of new facts about stuff you didn't know before!

I'm trying to finish some 2015 badges that I missed ladt year and having trouble with "Money Where Your Mouth Is" clue #2:
Figure out the name of the Virgin Mary's father. (J*a*h*m) In Bohemia there's a town named for him (Já****ov) and from this town's name we get a word we use to describe some of our currency. (Joachimsthaler coins became known as T****r for short, with the word "do**ar" derived from that). Figure out which money word that is and find it in the catalog.
I can't find a code in any d****r records...
Any advice?

Yay! I'm so excited to earn all of these badges! My friend code is DREAM937; feel free to friend me so we can both get points! :D

Train Drain Badge

What are we looking for first? There doesn't seem to be a specific direction/ question.Confusing.

Cool awesome badges!! Can someone please tell me how to get the second code of the train drain badge?? I don't know what I have to look for.

@Katharina Geschner

How did you get the first clue on the Train Drain badge? Ill help you with the second if I get there!

In the Train Drain badge.... what are we supposed to even be looking for on the first one?!


If you type in my Friend Code (GIVE746), then we each get 100 points, and you are "following" me.

Then, if I can tell what your Friend Code is, and I type it in, we each get ANOTHER 100 points, and I am "following" you.

Plus, we each get AN ADDITIONAL 50 points for being "friends" because we are each following each other.

That's a TOTAL of 250 POINTS EACH.

Some players have "edited their player info" and changed their Summer Game Nickname to include their Friend Code. If you do that, then when you type in someone else's Friend Code, and that player checks their List of Friends, they can see your Friend Code, which enables them to type in your Friend Code as well.

@sara and @wolfe.lindsey

For the first code in the Train Drain badge, you need to take the capitalized word in the 2nd to the last sentence and combine that with the #1 engine's name. If you don't know who *that* is, googling "Tidmouth Sheds" should provide you with that answer. Combine those two words for search and you should find a DVD with the code.


Pay close attention to the capitalized words in the clue and think of how real money might relate to those words. You should come up with a name to search for.


Badges/Game Codes for 2013-2015 should be unlocked and able to be gotten now according to staff. If you get out there and write stuff down and have problems with it telling you that they've expired, put in a contact us with the code that's not working. I also included which badge it was from when I sent mine in. They'll get it unlocked pretty quickly for you. So go explore. :)

I'm doing a lot of badges from last year as I just didn't have the focus and concentration to do many last summer. They're still worth decent points even tho' they're not worth the full points they were.


I don't know if you got the last code for the Sightseeing badge by now or not. What you want tho' is the name of the company who produced the cartoon with the dinosaur pet - Stone Age should give you enough of a clue for which cartoon is that. After you figure out the name of the company, search THAT in the catalog and you should find your code in one of the results. :)

Friend Codes are awesome when people enter them!
Enter them for 100 points and post your friend code for 150 more points when I enter them!

Are there points for comments this year?i don't think I'm getting points for making comments.

Edit: never mind, I see it now.

I can't find the first code for the Mowgli badge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(MAYBE977 is my friend code, by the way.

To all the gamer's out there,
I am working on the heightened Supense badge and I need helping the veery last code word. i do know the name of the composure they are looking for and the instrument they are looking for. My question is how do I plug the anwser into the cataloge to get the final code word. I have plughed in every way possibel and i still get hundresd of anwsers to serarch through.
Thanks for the help

@Lmd3577- Did you try searching the composer's full name with the instrument? You can also try searching just the composer's name, but there will be a lot of results to look through. Hope this helps!

@Margaret Florence - I'm currently following you! My friend code (I've posted it before, but maybe not where you saw it) is FAVORITE496, so, if you enter that code, as I've already entered yours, we'll both earn 150 points including the 50-point friend bonus. :)


It looks like the AADL lost their copy of the book between last year and now because it doesn't show up in search and if you go to the record directly There's a "AADL currently owns no copies of this item" message.

It's record 1306515.

@Lmd3577- the name of the instrument I found online was not the same as used in the clue. Try using names of similar instruments.

Hi thanks for telling me how to get the second code!! If somebody still needs help on the first code of the train drain badge I'll tell you how I got it!

- I figured out what the engine is called but I didn't find the code that way!!
- I typed in e*g*** ( word after #1 in the description of the badge) code in the catalog and the first item was the code!
- I type in code after the thing I'm searching for in the catalog because the items with the code pop up very early!!!

I hope I helped some people!!!

Hi, can someone please tell me how to get the third code of the frame up badge? That badge is a real mystery but it's fun!!!

Can anyone help me with the last clue of Train Drain? I found the names of the investigators but am stuck from there. Thanks!

My friend code is PUNCH444 :-)

@Margaret Florence

If you're looking for friend codes, check out the leaderboards (both public and staff) as well as the blog posts. There's tons of codes on the leaderboards if you haven't gotten those already. :)

I'm STEP967 if you haven't gotten mine yet.

@lizatate - I'd suggest looking in the additional "Hint" provided for that clue. If you search a few words that are capitalized in that hint together, you should come up with only one result - a DVD - which will contain your clue. You don't even need to worry about the name of the investigator if you search in that way. Just as a tip for the future, in general, I've found that capitalized words in clues tend to be crucial and make it much, much easier to find the codes.

Hope this helps!


Love the summer game! More fun codes for ya'll ;)


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