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Fri, 07/01/2016 - 6:08pm

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!! *fireworks* *more fireworks* *ooh, i like the purple ones!* *fireworks again* *hang on, i'm eating a s'more* *fireworks*

What better way to celebrate America's favorite HOT DOG EATIN', FIREWORKS-WATCHIN', FLAG-WAVIN' day than with a BADGE DROP!!?!??!


2016 Badge Drop #3
echo theme_summergame_badge(1191,1185,1192,1190,1184,1188,1178,1193,1186,1194,1189,1187,1180,1179,1181,1182,1183);

This week brings a CIVIC ENGAGEMENT EXPLOSION with the release of CIVCITY BADGES!!!! There's nothing finer than making Ann Arbor finer, and that's what earnin' those badges does, my friends.

This week also brings us ONE WEEK CLOSER to the opening of the appealing, the appalling, the amusing, the amazing SUMMER GAME SHOP!!!!!!! The Shop opens next Friday, so please plan on going COMPLETELY BONKERS. Glorious, glorious STUFF IS BACK, point people!

Finally, this week brings something else. Something special. Something magical. Something TWICE AS GOOD AS IT WAS BEFORE.

It's the one, the only, the NEW AND IMPROVED AND EXPANDED LEADERBOARD!!!!!!!

Because all you summer gamers out there (especially you, you are my favorite) are not just five hundred good. Oh no. YOU ARE ONE THOUSAND GOOD, and now, SO IS THE LEADERBOARD!!! So lead on, leaders, and today as always...



There are problems with badges:

Snozzcumber Snacker
Paleontology Party!
Akela and the Cub Scouts

Those badges all have a code showing but not registering that you redeemed it.


To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the Pitch Pipes badge and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the second code word. I have put in the anwser they are looking for several ways and I get thousands of anwsers to filter through. I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me out with a few more clues to help me out.
Thanks so much

I got the code by searching the name of the song followed by the drinking device Beca used. There will only be one result. Hope this helps!

The glitches in Akela, Snozzcumber, and Paleontology are fixed. Thanks for your patience guys!

For the third clue on the Pitch Pipes badge, I searched for the first name and the word indicated in the clue. I got 27 results, looked in all of them, and didn't find the code. What am I missing?

Hooray, a Bird Mom badge for Steven Universe! I am really enjoying the pieces that are written for when you find the codes in this set. I am a huge fan of the show, and these snippets are thoughtful and engaging, and remind me of everything I love about it. This should really create more fans. :)

Summer gamers,

Would appreciate some help with finding the Fourth code
In the BFGG Badge. I know the name of the moon and the
German film, but I can't find any code when I enter either
In the catalog.

Thanks in advance. :-)
Nevermind. Found it.

Hello, we love summer game!
Please friend us!



If you haven't ever been to the Arb's peony garden, be sure to check out them out next year when they are in bloom! Gorgeous.

I'm having problems with the fourth code of the Break the Bank badge. What exactly am I supposed to find? Thanks in advance!

I learned a lot about happenings in the city by working on the CivCity badges last year. Thanks for bringing them back again this year. Thanks! LINE393

could someone help me in bfgg I got the third fourth and fifth code but i couldnt find the first two


To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the BFGG badge and I need help finding the very first code word. I Have looked up who I think they are looking for to no avail I get hundreds of anwsers to filter through. I am hoping some of you gamer's out there can help me with some more clues to help me find the first code word.
Thanks so much for the help

You need to google who estimated Jupiters rotational period.
Put his name into the catalog search and you should find
The code.
Hope this helps.

I'm having difficulties with the fourth code of the Space 'n' Vader badge. I know where the statue is located, and I searched all possible places, but I'm not getting any codes. Any other hints?

If I keep working on these Steven Universe badges, I may end up knowing as much about it as my son!

Ha ha ha, who am I kidding? He's obsessed. But I may understand his obsession a tiny bit more... thanks AADL for helping me on that journey :^)

search on google what city has a Cathedral with Darth Vader's face hiding among its gargoyles and check the first result look and find the city

I had a lot of fun doing the Arb badge yesterday. Perfect weather for it too!

Can anyone give me hint as to where to find the third building code in the Downtown library?

@ginarae3 the desk staff at the library locations are always happy to give hints to help point people in the right direction!

@SBNB - That one had me stumped for awhile, until I eventually realized that I had the wrong name. I don't know whether you're barking up the wrong tree the way I was or not, but just to confirm, the name (first name only) you want is L***y, not C******-R***. (Which is the name I thought I was looking for before.)
If you have the right name and search it together with the word given in the clue, you should come up with only two results, one of which has the code in it. If you're having trouble finding the name you want, try searching one of the quotes from the character provided in the clue - that was how I figured out the person I wanted.

Hope this helps!


I have been struggling with figuring out the codes through catalog searches. I have tried author names, movie names, etc. Is there a clear way to determine the code? I've been following the clues but no combinations I have tried for the codes have worked. Is there a trick I am missing to putting them together? Thanks!

Just finished the Arb Badge. Thanks to whoever made it! It was a not-so-difficult walk mostly through shade. Very nice

@wgregory - try taking a look at our "How to Earn Summer Game Badges" to get started! It's an introduction to the game that might be helpful. There should be hints throughout the description indicating which keywords to search in the catalog, or on the Internet, to find the item containing the code. Read through that intro, and then I suggest starting off with some Level 1 badges. That's a good way to get your brain working on this style of puzzle, until you get the hang of it. Good luck, have fun, and remember, you can always check the comments in the badge drop post for help from your friendly fellow Summer Gamers!

Thanks sharmas (for asking the question) and Sara W GM! I was having issues with the fourth code as well. That badge was certainly annoying. I hate it when I finish reading a clue and there's no obvious direction to go. "Ok, what the (fill in your own word here) am I even supposed to be looking for?"


I also tried the longer name first. But then when I looked closer at the Wikipedia page, I saw that there was another name that fit. Unfortunately, the name was spelled wrong (Thanks a lot, Wikipedia). I got it now. Thanks!

I'm working on some old 2015 badges, and I'm currently stuck on the final code for the "Sugar Rush" badge.
I believe I have the group of people I'm looking for - A*******s - but, when I search the word in the catalog, I haven't been able to find a code among the 48 results I come up with. If any of you have completed this badge, do I have the wrong word, or is it possible the item containing the code is no longer available in the catalog?




You seem to have the right word. I'm sorry, I can't help more because the badge doesn't say what the actual item in the catalog was and my memory is fuzzy for yesterday let alone last year. :)

@SBNB - Thanks; it's good to know I don't have the wrong word. Perhaps I'll check again in a day or so when I can give it a fresh look - I suppose it's possible I just overlooked the item with the code somehow.
Also, if you do have the code text, searching it in the catalog should bring up the result of the record it's within. Of course, if the item has been suppressed from the catalog, it won't show up as a result.
Thanks for your response!


You know, I thought earlier about searching the code itself in the catalog, but I didn't think it would be something they would actually let you search. I went back just now and tried, and there were no results for the last code for Sugar Rush. However, I also tried the second to last code, and I got a hit for that. So it looks like the item is gone. I'd give you the code right here, but I think posting actual codes is frowned upon by the powers that be. Email them, I guess?

@SBNB - Eh, it's fine, not a big deal. Missing out on one code for one badge isn't exactly the end of the world, I mean. xD I just wanted to make sure the problem wasn't on my end. And I can always contact the AADL staff if necessary.
Thank you so much for the offer, though!

@palanijr- I did that, but I still can't find the code. I know the statue is located in N****w***, Washington DC.

Sorry, everyone. The correct 4th code is MOVIE744.
And in case you didn't get the first 3;


You're right! The item that held that code has since been withdrawn from AADL's collection, but no worries! I dropped the code into another item in the results, so search away!


@nicole GM - Thanks for the fix! Found the code and earned the badge. ;)
Now moving on to some detective badges (still from 2015), I'm stuck on the second code for the "One More Thing" badge. I think I know the name of the detective and show I'm looking for (and I've confirmed through the wondrous Internet that an episode does indeed exist that fits the description offered in the clue), but when I search for the TV show in the catalog, the only sign of the episode I think I'm looking for (Mr. M*** and the L****) is in a collection of an entire season of the show, and there's no code to be found in that catalog record.
Has this one also been removed from the catalog, or do I just need to look harder?

Thank you!

@Sara W GM - Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the help.

Continuing with that badge (sorry for all the questions!), I'm now onto the final code for the One More Thing badge. I think I know the name of the TV show I'm looking for (T** C****r), but there's no code in any of the five results when I search the title of the show in the catalog. I'm not totally sure this time whether I have the right show, but I think I do - if so, am I searching the wrong thing, or has that been removed from the catalog as well?

Thanks again!

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the BFGG badge and I need help finding the second code word. I have looked everywhere for the anwser to no avail. I have googled up just about every consivable anwser to no avil eighter. I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me with some more clues as to where to look for the second code word.
Thanks so much for the help and Happy Fourth of July

Thank you to the staff for putting together such a wonderful Summer Game for us! We went to the Arb today--all these years and I had no idea there was an entrance off of Washington Heights, and a Visitor Center to boot!!!

I just did the newest "Summer of Steven" badge and noticed that someone has gone in and written one word reviews ("ok") for each of the results along the clue trail. Do you all have some script magic that goes in and detects (and then removes) this kind of chicanery?

(and as I worked on more badges, I noticed that s/he did it for pretty much every item that comes up while solving badges. I guess someone really wants an AADL picnic blanket, to be so dedicated at cheating!)

@Lmd3577- Try going to the Babylonian astrology Wikipedia page. It gives you a list of names.

Please keep it going! I'm seeing these one or two word reviews on just about every item with a game code. Is there any way we can flag possible problems for staff review?

@camelsamba and @Fevvers - Yeah, I've been noticing those type of one-word (half the time, words that don't even apply to the item reviewed - "funny" for a book about a historical tragedy or that type of thing) reviews a lot. There have to be thousands of them out there; I think people have been doing them pretty much since the game started, as I've been seeing them for a long time. If some are being deleted, there are certainly plenty left unremoved. One of the (very few) downsides to the Summer Game, I guess - cheating can occur, like in any game.
I like the idea of being able to "flag" reviews for reviewing, although since I'm not sure how the AADL web system works I don't know whether or not that would be possible.
I do agree that this is a problem, and it really gets on my nerves, so hopefully something will be figured out to handle this.

@camelsamba, @fevvers and @yaldah- I have noticed this a lot as well. It bothers me a lot because I'm seeing many of these one or two word reviews and it looks as if they are not at all trying hard, while there are people out there who try and write the best review that they can. But the idea of flagging the review sounds good, though I'm not sure how that will work.

Please enter my friend code: MAYBE977. Also, l am having trouble finding the last code for the National Lakeshores & a Royale Isle badge. l have searched M********s, and S*****d H****s, but l am starting to think that it doesn't have to do with spotted animals after all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@camelsamba @Fevvers @yaldah if it makes you feel any better, last I knew, if you did the exact same review for more than one item, somehow the system picked this up and doesn't award points for the other reviews. I once accidentally (and quite funny) did the exact same review for two different items. The system told me so and didn't award me points for the 2nd item. I find it funny that I somehow managed the exact same multi sentence review for more than one item.

Also, try to keep in mind that children play this game and they often will have very simple reviews. If I ask my son what he thought about a book I read to him he will generally answer with one word, like "cool" or "good". If I had him do the reviews, they would look a lot like the one's being brought up here. Though, I generally do the reviews myself and make a comment as to what my son thought of the book.

@Margaret Florence:
Try the Wikipedia article for the park, and see what it has to say about animals. Does it name a predatory mammal?
(The word spotted was not Capitalized, so I think it may have seemed like a red herring.)


This week's badges were fun!

I keep forgetting to post my friend code: Maybe644

Add me please!

I love the Steven Universe badges! Also enjoying the challenge of some of the higher difficulty badges. Definitely feel harder than previous years!

Steven Universe Badges

Thanks, AADL, for the gentle introduction to Steven Universe. Some of the badges centered around specific games/cartoons are difficult as the player has to learn about the subject before earning the badge (which is also fine- I've learned about things I knew nothing about) but, just wanted to let you know that this intro to Steven Universe is appreciated by one patron who never heard of him before.

Will there be any badges that lead you to search through the Old News site this year? I really loved that as a way to get a peek at historic Ann Arbor when I played the Summer Game in 2014. (Sorry if there already are some up - haven't had a chance to click through all of the badges yet.)

And thanks to everyone involved in making this fun event happen! Always impressed with the multitude of puns and pop culture references in all the code names.

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I'm working on the breaking the bank badge and I need help finding the very first code word. I have looked everywhere for the anwser to no avail. I am hopin that some of you gamer's out there can help me out with some more clues as to where to find the very first code word.
Thanks so much for the help

@Lmd3577- Google search the second sentence. It has an important phrase that will help you find the person that you are looking for. Hope this helps!

everething is awesome when its part of a dream(from last year)
it shines like beam
its a badge drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the Break The Bank right now and I need help finding the third code word. I've searched everywhere in the cataloge to no avail so I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me out with some more clues as to where I can find the third code word.
Thanks for the help

@sara Yay, a new Steven Universe fan! It's a great show that I got into via word of mouth, particularly people suggesting it for fans of Adventure Time, as well as the dynamic of having a young boy character (Rebecca Sugar created the show with her younger brother in mind as a basis for Steven) looking up to - and looked after by - three female superhero-type characters. So that got me really interested in this "kids' cartoon."

Steven's father is around, and is a really good guy, but due to Steven's unique heritage, it makes more sense for him to mainly live with the Crystal Gems.

TL;DR: It's a fabulous show.


Yeah, I've wondered about that, and I don't want to get kids' reviews taken down just because they are simple or short. I think if they provide an adjective and maybe one specific thing they liked or didn't like about the material, that is perfectly fine. :)

And I can't really blame older players for wanting to rack up points, but there are some that are very obviously doing one or two-word reviews (that are sometimes inapplicable, as others have noted) on everything they come across via the Summer Game badges. I mean, yes, I want those SWEET POINTS but there's some activity that's a few people trying to get all they can in a very annoying fashion and attempting to game the system.

No Hitchcock this week? Too bad--those are the best! But I love the Pitch Perfect badge!

Friend me: COMPLETELY664 :)

March Madness Badge

Oops, just looked at the civ city badges for the first time, and realized it's too late to earn this one. I wish it had been marked, "time sensitive" so I had checked it earlier.

Random, but I'm going back and doing some of the 2015 badges. I'm on the Hildafolk one. I feel like the 3rd code is missing from the book it is supposed to be with. I'm supposed to search for the name of the giant, which is J****n. That gives me 4 books and none of them have a game code.

Help? Thanks!

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