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Sneak Peek at Performance Network at its Dawn

Mon, 07/11/2016 - 1:15pm


The [|Performance Network], formerly an Ann Arbor professional theater group, enters [|Old News] in 1982 with the article “[|Their corner of the world’s a stage]”. “Our immediate aim is to be studio or work space,” explained [|David Bernstein], one of Performance Network’s co-founders. For the first two years, Performance Network was a place for directors, playwrights, actors and stage crew to develop their professional skills. A unique feature was the “Works-in-Progress” series, stage readings of plays followed by a discussion with the playwright. Among them was [|Rachelle Urist], a reporter for the Ann Arbor News, who had her play, [|"Just Friends,”] stage read and later developed into a full production. Opening their doors was the play, [|"We Won’t Pay, We Won’t Pay,”] which heralded the era of Performance Network. Stay tuned for additional articles, photographs, programs, and more, from Performance Network's long history.


I was at UM during that time period, wish I had know
About it! You have to love that they opened with a
Play called"we won't pay!" Looking forward to more
Info about the performance network.