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Badge Drop #5: Running Hot and Cold

Fri, 07/15/2016 - 5:33pm

Boy, isn't summer great? You know my FAVORITE part of summer? The sweltering, oppressive heat that makes you want to die! Don't you just LOVE that? Actually, the only good thing about all that HEAT is coming into the cool, crisp air conditioning. And then when you get too cold (because you are only wearing shorts and a t-shirt and sandals due to the sweltering & oppressive & wanting to die), you can head back out into the heat which, just then, for that split second, feels pretty nice!

We here at Summer Game Headquarters felt that it was our duty to help you come in from the hot and out from the cold as many times as possible this week with BADGE DROP #5, the in-and-outinest badge drop that ever turned down the thermostat!

We've got the premiere of the BRANCH EXPLORER SERIES that sends you to all four library locations around town to search for codes! What could be better than THAT? How about three, count 'em THREE new Arbor Explorer badges! We've got Kerrytown Circuit to help you learn more about one of Ann Arbor's historic neighborhoods! We've got Briarwood Rows, the badge that asks you to hunt around the shopping mall to get codes WHILE YOU BUY SOCKS! Plus, the first in a series of badges that take you to super secret locations around town! This week also has the first badge in HINE'S QUEST that takes you to see the super-cool artwork of Hine Mizushima! First off is a trip to Vault of Midnight and it's definitely worth a visit (as though Vault isn't ALWAYS worth a visit)!

Is it getting HOT in here? Let's head to a Library Board meeting at 6 PM Monday July 18th to beat the heat, share some thoughts at the podium, and earn this year's stupendous Above Board badge, the badge you get for standing up and saying what you think! If you need any further help cooling off, take a dip under the sea and down into The Midnight Zone, smell the salty sea air and relax to the sound of the gulls with Murder Most Fowl (boy, that sounds like a LOT of gulls, doesn't it?), and pray for a summer shower with Singin Through the Pain!!

This week also sees the arrival of the TAG MASTER SERIES! Share your knowledge about library stuff by adding tags to the catalog! It helps people find stuff. It also earns you tons of points and badges! Somehow, even with all of that, there're STILL more badges that I haven't mentioned! Let's go to the DROP:

2016 Badge Drop #5
echo theme_summergame_badge(1218,1219,1220,1221,1222,1229,1231,1230,1232,1233,1223,1215,1224,1216,1217,1227,1234,1195,1228,1226,1225);

Man oh man that's a lot of badges to earn! Can you do it? And if you do, what will you have to show for it (the answer is pride, pretty badges, a spot on the leaderboard, bragging rights, etc.)? I guess you'll just have a bunch of points...THAT YOU CAN SPEND IN THE TOTALLY STUPENDOUS SUMMER GAME SHOP! Even if you've seen everything in there, remember that every week on Friday there are HOT, NEW ITEMS added that can cover YOU in library logos and fill your life with joy (joy not guaranteed). What's that you say? TODAY is Friday?! Then get over there and get spending! This week's new items include a tiny robot, a singing cube, and the long awaited return of an AADL UMBRELLA!

Jeez, I need a cool glass of lemonade, this is just getting to be too much for me. Just give me a minute to...wait, you're not even still here, are you? You're all off earning badges, aren't you? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Get out there (and in there) and get those badges, players, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


For briarwood, can you clarify if codes are visible from the main concourse of the mall or if we have to go into all the stores to find them? Thanks!

I don't know if this is a glitch, but my Badge list doesn't display any of the branch Badges that I should have earned, even though I redeemed all of the codes during Week 1. Thanks in advance for any help!
Edit: Disregard this, my impatience let me to an incorrect conclusion. The Badges are showing now!

Yay!! New badges! It's so much I can hardly keep up! I'm so bummed that I am so busy this summer. I haven't been able to put nearly as much effort as I did last year :(

Measuring up second code clue seems too vague. I'm looking up s*** and I swear I checked the top 20 results. Adding in tomorrow from the last sentence didn't seem to help. Anyone have advice? ~park667

I'm having trouble with the first code of the Murder Most Fowl badge. I'm pretty sure the city is S** F********, but I am not getting any results. Any hints?
I'm also having trouble with the first code of the Jumpin' Jupiter badge. I'm pretty sure I know how many moons Jupiter had, and I searched it up, but I'm not getting any results.

Hi Library People,

I'm asking this question here as other non-tech-savvy gamers might also want to know:

Does the wired box of sound plug into the mic jack to work? Does it work with any device that has a jack?

Thanks for making the summer so fun!

hint for last code of If You Build It... Don't include the "the" in the poem's title when searching. It puts the result in the top 30 instead of top 10.

Re: BRIARWOOD signage 'in plain sight' is your clue - they will be in the main concourses and going into shops to find them is not required. Help spread the word!

Could you just keep making Steven Universe badges for, maybe, forever? They are my favorite thing this summer.

I'm looking for the second code for Jumpin' Jupiter and having no luck. I think I have the answer to the clue (starts with S) and I think I understand the hint, but I've found nothing in or around the items that I think the hint could be referring to.

@sara Thanks for asking. The wired box of sound has a headphone plug, and will work with anything that has a headphone jack.

Ibootzin: re the Measuring Up - just search for the thing in the instructions exactly as written. Forget about the tomorrow business. The search result shows that no matching items are found, but lists some items, one of which has the clue.

In the fourth clue, I am having trouble figuring out what the clue is referencing as the junior synonym. I have tried everything dinosaur name related including the name listed as the junior synonym on Wikipedia, and nothing is working. I do NOT want to be told what it is, or something with *** or any direct hints! I am just confused about what exactly the idea of this is. I tried inputting what I thought was the junior synonym as a game code but all the things I tried did not work.

(Post edited for clarity)

Re: Jumpin' Jupiter - there's definitely a little mix up on the 2nd clue and the gamecode. We're working on it - thanks for your patience!

ssmyth- Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning the umbrellas! I missed them a few years ago because they sold out in mere seconds!!! Can't wait for it to rain!

By the way, could you guys please stock some AADL stickers, preferably in packs of large numbers? I have one on the corner of my living room window as an invitation to astutely observant summer game players / warning to thieves that all they'll find in my house is books, but I need more. I am not even sure why I only ever used one. (Hmm, maybe a multi pack is not necessary. Maybe just one REALLY HUGE STICKER so I can cover everything I own at one time! Yeah! Anyway, stickers would be amazing.

Yeah, stickers would be amazing -- you've probably got all the prizes lined up already, but I finally own a car and I'd love to have an AADL sticker on it!

also, hooray for a return of the umbrellas! #vintage

Thanks for letting us know about Jumpin' Jupiter. I will now be able to stop obsessing about it until it's fixed.

Thanks for lots of new badges. The A Line Meant badge was fun to do. I used Google Maps to make a guess at the park and got it!

Hi all! Okay now the correct item is tagged for Jumpin' Jupiter so you should be able to get going on the badge. You may find that later in the badge an item has been double tagged- we're on it, but it won't impact earning the badge. Thanks for your patience and for playing the game!

@erin GM:

Thanks for specifying that the Briarwood Mall codes will all be on the main floor and not in the shops. That's good to know, and it makes them more accessible. :)


It sounds like what you are trying to do is exactly what you are supposed to do, and it works when you enter the right term as the code.

I like the new badges!! My favourite one is the Measuring up badge. Can somebody give me a hint for the first code of the IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME badge please. Thanks

Jumpin' Jupiter

I'm having trouble finding the 4th code. I have searched for the magnetometer as an acronym, one word, two words, and three-word phrase, and find nothing in the catalog.

@sara the hint is very helpful. Think about Doc Brown's famous component and look for that on NASA webpage about Juno.

Jumpin' Jupiter

I have the name of the item F*** G*** M************ or (***) but I can't find it in the catalog. Or do I have the wrong instrument?

Sara, the instrument name F***G*** without spaces searched in the catalog gets you the code.

sharmas, for murder most fowl #1 you want to search for a movie that starts in the same specific location inside the city of the hint. It's by a different director.
For Jumping Jupiter, use the numerical answer and then the hint directs you to the list item.

Willow, I used the wrong search at first for the dinosaur looking at recent news/Google. The last sentence in the clue tells you what type of item in the catalog to look for, and is how I figured out I was using the wrong term.

Thank you all so much for the help with the Dino badge. I don't know what Wikipedia article I was looking at, but when I looked again today, it looked totally different and I got it right away! Wikipedia is a bit freaky that way, but does the universe shift that quickly? Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. :)

Thanks for helping us all discover A2. I'm off to search for the Kerrytown clues. Soooo much fun!
- Your friend, LINE393

I went to the mall tonight both to buy something and to find the codes. And I completely forgot about the codes. Apparently, none of the codes were obvious enough to job my memory. Oh well. It's an excuse to go back next week and spend more money.

Tip for Briarwood... Make sure you go in through the "correct" entrance. They are pretty obvious. We couldn't understand how we missed one code, wandered the mall twice,which got the security people's attention, double checking that we looked everywhere. We finally gave up on the final code and was leaving, the mall was starting to close down anyway, when we decided maybe we went in through the "wrong" door. Turns out, we did.

PS: been searching for a new purse and haven't been able to find what I was looking for, I wanted to go to Briarwood to look but hadn't gotten around to it, so this got me there and I finally found something that I think will work. So bonus!

PPS: watch out for all the Pokemon Go players.

Trying to earn the Narwhal In All badge, which should be fairly easy compared to the others we've earned, but the second code is nowhere to be found! It says searching "Greenland" in the catalog should get us there, but we've done that and dozens of variations dozens of times (trying to teach persistence!) and can't locate it. What are we missing? Thanks!

Sfrantom - I can't find the tagged item I'm recalling for narwhal #2, using material as suggested. I wonder if that item is gone from the catalog - I checked all 19 search results.

My kids and I went all over Briarwood twice and only found 4 of the codes. :-( They were done and ready for lunch. Any way I can get that fifth one without having to make a trip?

Thanks! (Maybe644)

@KathScott - I thought the "A Line Meant" badge was fun too! I also used Google Maps to find the correct park (which then made the hint make sense). :) Very pretty place too. I might have to go back with my camera. :)

~Valerie (STEP967)

@AprilCDB - What do you mean by "correct" entrance to Briarwood? I'm thinking of doing that one after work tonight. :)

~ Valerie (STEP967)

Collective Gamers - I'm having a horrible time with the first code for "Murder Most Fowl". I've tried the city name. I've tried p** s***. I've tried b*** s***, b*** s****, and p** s****. Nothing. I'm so incredibly frustrated. I've been working on it for over an hour today and some yesterday too.

HELP please!

Hi fellow summer gamers! After being out of town for the past five weeks, my family is finally playing this year's game! This year's badges and prizes look amazing. Looking forward to bumping into y'all at the libraries and events.

What kind of information is helpful to AADL to include in tags? Genre? Opinions on quality? Is it useful to repeat other tags? What about including information that's already in the record (like lists of actors who appear in the movie)?

Butick, I assumed it would still be a Htchcock film. Thanks for specifying otherwise.


Sorry this has been so frustrating! You are unfortunately already too far along in the movie. This is the very opening shot you are looking for. In the background is a famous San Francisco locale. You should be able to find it by googling and then go from there!



That was sort of left intentionally vague so that we wouldn't be overly prescriptive about what WE consider to be a good tag. My personal feeling is that tags are to be used as finding aids. Opinions on quality are best left to star ratings and reviews. Think of something someone might search for that you would want them to get the item as a result for but that isn't already there. Does a book on espionage have the words "spy", "spies", or "secret agents" anywhere in the record? Genres are always a GREAT selection for tags, especially when it can help get people to a lesser known sub-genre that they might currently be interested in. But really, anything that would be helpful to YOU if you were searching the catalog is a great tag!


This is sort of a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but something I've noticed. You know how you get more points for rating an item you've actually checked out? (50 instead of 10, iirc) This doesn't apply to items you've downloaded. The script just awards the minimum points. But yet I got points for the download, so clearly the system knows I've done it. Is this intentional, or an oversight?

My friend and I had so much fun exploring all the branches for codes (also had a lot of fun discovering how beautiful the branches were). Thanks!


@willow, it was cool. We have a young son and we were all wearing our "Game" shirts. So it wasn't like "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!" Our son was a little wound up and was running around a bit to much. We had stopped to have a correction chat with him and one of the security guards saw us and stopped. So it was more like "you playing Pokemon Go or something? and here's a sticker badge for your son". No big deal.

@wolfe.lindsey , I'm betting you guys went in the "wrong" door like we did. If you drive around the building and look at all the main entrances for Briarwood (not the stores), you'll probably find that 5th one you missed. That's what we ended up doing, because we had only found 4 too.

@ValerieL, all the codes are inside the mall, but if you go in the wrong entrance, you're likely to only find 4. We could only find 4 and gave up. We went through the mall twice. I was going to email and ask for the 5th code. But as we were walking out I discovered that my husband, who I thought was going all the way down the wings and checking all the entrances, did not. That's when we realized that we must have missed the 5th code because we went in the "wrong" entrance. So we drove around the building checking all the main entrances and we found the 5th code. We couldn't understand how we missed the one, because the codes really are very obvious (unless you're the security team apparently).

Thank you for organizing the summer game. This is our first year to play and my toddler and I are having a blast.

At what point was the code announced/shown for the 7/12 A2 Energy Commission meeting? I just watched/listened to the full 2 hours and apparently zoned out at whatever point it was announced/shown.

@AprilCDB - Ahhhh okay. So as long as I check all mall entrances, I should be fine. Good to know. :) Thanks. :)


Thanks for that hint. I did figure out the locale, but doing a keyword search with that didn't help either. I finally ended up going to IMDB and clicking on filming locations and clicked on THAT location and then just went thru the titles one by one. But, at least I found it now!

Finally finished the silly Hitchcock one for this week. The rest of it was not nearly as bad as that first clue, which I'm grateful.

For the first code in Murder Most Fowl, I know the movie, I know the city, and I think I know the specific location (U---- S----- according to one website). But how am I supposed to find another random movie that starts in that same location?

Chiming in about murder most fowl. I too am stuck. I have tried u....s....., s..f........, etc, and can't find anything. Perhaps a strongest hint is in order.

@SBNB & @sara

You have the right location! Check the "In Film" section of that location's Wikipedia page.


We also went around the mall as many times as my son would tolerate (which turned out to be twice) and only found four codes. However, I did get the one at an entrance. If you'd like to swap notes, hit me up at kmbburner23 at gmail.


Thanks! I finally got it! That badge is one of those where I opened the page to find the last code and exclaimed out loud, "Oh, thank goodness."

I usually use Wikipedia for finding the answers to clues, however, if you're looking for the fourth code of the "measuring up" badge (digging the dinos) Wikipedia won't help. Other web searches will get you the correct answer, though, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

We'll be heading to Briarwood soon and will be sure to check out every entrance hallway. It really helps to read the comments from fellow gamers on the badges.

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the Jumpin Juipter badge and I need help finding the third code word. I have found the respective anwser and I have pluged it into the catalouge and I get thousands of anwsers to search through. I am hoping that some of you gamers out there can help me out with some more clues as to where find the thrid code word.
Thanks so much for the help


If you search the catalog for the material (one word) it is the second item out of only 32. So, double-check that you are searching for the specific correct material.

I hope that in the next badge drop there will be another A2 stories badge. I love the new and different way to get codes ( listening to stories that happened in A2). It's pretty fun to listen for something!! Can't wait for the next badge drop!!!

This summer AADL switched to the four ? (question marks) instead of still using Beginner, Advanced , Expert difficulties for the badges. But I am still wondering what the 4th difficulty is ( Is it like super expert hard?). I'm sometimes already having trouble with ??? badges. Is there a badge with 4 ? ? I didn't find one. Does somebody know????


So far I haven't seen any level 4 difficulty ones, which I'm fine with! I have a hard time with the level 3s! They're definitely challenging enough.

I really enjoyed the "A Line Meant" badge this week tho'. That was fun, being a detective of sorts to figure out which park and where it is and stuff. I liked that one a lot. :)

@bituck thank you for the Jumpin Jupiter #4 clue, that was above frustrating that I was searching that but as two words instead of one and that made a difference in search results.

Is there any more of a clue for the first code on the Murder Most Foul? Do I really need to search for the over 100 movies in the "in film" section on the Wiki page?! Oh my... this one is giving me fits!!

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on three badges right now and I need help finding the code words to them,
1) Murder most Fowl: 1st code word
2) Jumpin Juipter: 4th code word
3) A Line Ment: I think I know the park but when I went there nothing
I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me with some more clues as to where I can find the code woeds.

Thanks for the help

@wolfe.lindsey @Lmd3577

For the first code of Murder Most Fowl, there are many hints in the previous comments. I will give one more clue. Go to the IMDb page which gives the filming location for this movie.


For the fourth code of the Jumpin' Jupiter badge, Google search the last word in the clue with what this badge is about. You might have to look around a little...

I am having trouble finding the fourth code of the Murder Most Fowl badge. I've searched many things, but I feel like I'm not searching up the right things. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

shamas - I have used the previous hints. I've found the city, the more specific P** S***, but I can't figure out how to narrow down the 100+ other movies also filmed in SF. I'll keep working on it!


The Wikipedia page for the location only lists three other films besides The Birds in the "In Film" section, so make sure you have the right location!

FOUND IT! Good grief - I didn't find it based on any of the prior hints though. I searched specifically via google for movies whose opening scene is an aerial of the city in question.

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