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Badge Drop #6: Summer Game by the Numbers

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 6:24pm

You know what Summer Gamers are always saying? They always say that the Summer Game needs more MATH. Sure, it's got BOOKS and MOVIES and MUSIC and TV and COMICS and ART and GOVERNMENTAL MEETINGS, but it rarely has enough HARD, SOLID NUMBERS. Because you know what they say: EVERYONE LOVES MATH. With that in mind, I've decided to bring you a badge drop post that is ALL ABOUT the numbers. I considered scrapping all of these badges in favor of calculus problems, but the other gamemakers convinced me this was just as good.

So let's talk NUMBERS. Just how much have you guys done so far in Summer Game 2016? A multitudinous

5,099 PLAYERS have received

39,909 BADGES and entered

240,160 CODES to earn them

67,511,795 POINTS!

DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW HOW MANY EVERYTHINGS THAT IS? We always know we can count on you guys to blow us away, and, yup, you sure have! We did one of these at this very same time last year and the number of points you had earned was a FRACTION of what you've gotten so far this year! For reference, that fraction is approximately 1/2 but I can't be more precise, I haven't got time to reduce fractions. And WHY haven't I got time to reduce fractions? I'VE GOT BADGES TO DROP:

2016 Badge Drop #6
echo theme_summergame_badge(1243,1244,1245,1246,1247,1241,1240,1250,1252,1248,1237,1236,1238,1251,1242,1249,1235,1239);

This week has new installments of all of your favorite WEB SEARCH badges, an ARBOR EXPLORER trip to Gallup Park, the premier of the POWERART! series, and a fresh ANN ARBOR STORIES badge about one of the giants of Ann Arbor busking, Shakey Jake! This week also sees the debut of the REVIEW MASTER series. This one is all about what YOU like, so go share your opinions about what was good and bad in the catalog! Remember that if you are going to write a review, try to make it something meaningful that will really help someone figure out if they want to give that thing a shot or leave it on the shelf.

And don't forget that it's FRIDAY, and apart from being BADGE DROP day, it's also SHOP DROP day! New items hit the shop today and every Friday, guaranteed to be festooned with AADL logos! I'm sure there are people who aren't interested in things with the AADL logo, but those people are not us! Let's just say there's no accounting for taste and GET US SOME GREAT SHOP SWAG!

If the numerous badges and a call to review and logo-rific shop items aren't enough to keep you busy, you might see if you can root out a bonus code. There are four words in this blog post that are in italics for NO GOOD REASON. Combine those four to find the name of a band who made an album all about numbers, just like this post. Now's the tricky part: figure out the one digit that DOESN'T appear anywhere in this post and track down the song about it. If you can figure out the name of that song, put it in for your code and get an appropriate bonus!



more badges, yes!!

Some of these badges are not registering that they are earned, please fix.

Thrilled to be getting started on the new badges!!
I'm currently completely stumped on the fifth code for Journey to Jupiter. I see that only three people have earned this badge so far, but if anyone happens to be able to give me any tips, I would greatly appreciate it - I'm not even sure where to start, or what I'm supposed to do.



Finally, a Hamilton Badge! With the musicals category, I knew it had to be coming!


@valerieclaires - Ditto! I had a feeling.

And nice reference. I'll be working on that badge Non-Stop until I earn it, I can promise you. ;)

i finished the newest muppetology badge and it said i didn't get the badge

What a relief to have something to do inside when it is so hot!

We were one degree away from the record, which was made in 1940.

Ditto on the Muppet badge. :-) AADL is so good about getting things working there is nothing to worry about!


You're looking for a movie. With the year, the planet, and the fact that you're looking for a movie, Google should be able to point you in the right direction.

@SBNB - Thank you so much for your help! Somehow before I was entirely on the wrong track in my Googling - no idea even how. :P I've now earned the code and completed the badge, so thank you again! :)

Is there a glitch with the second code for the new national park badge? It says I submitted that code already back on July 5th

Sorry about the Muppetology/Center Stage badge, everyone! You all should have it now.

Great! Thanks. But I could only find four of five at Briarwood. Missing #3. Any hints?

I guess the bonus amount was "appropriate" but I'm honestly disappointed in how many points that was worth.

Missing number four, apparently. I walked the mall two and a half times. Ugh. Big sign?

A Hamilton badge? I love the music. But, I will never be satisfied.

I wonder if a Star Trek musical is next for sr. Miranda.

@Thomas B Brown, I'm not positive where that one was at, I didn't keep track of where each code was specifically. I think though, the one you're missing was near the food court. Either that or I think it was near where we came in at which was the wing that makes the corner of Sears/Van Maur parking lot.

Making a bonus for the announcement post itself is a fun touch. Great idea!

@ There was a glitch on the 2nd code for NPS - is now fixed and you should be able to earn it now! Thanks for your patience!

I'm still getting the error for the s******** clue on the second code for the national parks. Telling me I redeemed it July 5th at 4:02 pm. No worries though! Appreciate AADL's time and talents putting everything together. There is bound to a few hiccups. :-)

@ wolfe.lindsey - have you reloaded the badge altogether? the clue to find the second completely changed - no more 'sand.' The reason it says you already redeemed the code is because you did on the Isle Royale badge - we realized we had double labeled a DVD - so we changed it. Fingers crossed this is it!

ps: can anyone help me with the 'greenland' clue in the narwhal badge? I'm missing something!!

the last clue on the TRex badge was a doozy.
A classic case of me overthinking it!

I alway's like getting new badges for summer games!! I'm on a trip to Italy and I'm still doing Summer Games!!!

Trouble with the downtown library badge. We were able to find all the codes EXCEPT the one with the hint: go where you'd go if you reeeeealy had to....go. We asked the staff working at the library but they weren't sure either. Any hints?? We thought it was a bathroom but were not in luck with that line of thought.

@elsbetherin - So very sorry you were not helped by staff! Please do a 'contact' us and pass on the hint again and we'll give you the code. Thanks for playing!

I have SO MANY badges left to do. I think I need to start hiring out assistants to get them done for me. ; )

Sabana5 - I checked the narwhal badge for someone last drop and couldn't find the Greenland item I remembered again. What's the hint? I can only see the clues now.

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on tow badges and I need help finding the code words for both them.

1) Hamiltones: the first code word

2) Journey to Juipter: second code word

I am having extreme trouble finding both code words. I have googled up what are the anwsers but to no avali.
I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me with some more clues as to where I can find both code words.
Thanks so much for the help

@Lmd3577 re: Hamilton

Look at Wikipedia for hamilton the person to see the president he worked for, and hamilton the musical for the theater. Use the president's last name plus the theater, and, i believe, its the first item thats listed.


For the second code for Journey to Jupiter, you should be able to find the title of the book by googling the author and some of the book-specific words from the same sentence with the author's name.

I'm having issues with the 4th code of the Voldemort badge. The class I've found D****** A****** t** D*** A***. Or at least I'm 99% sure that is the class! It gives me 8 results and none of them have a code. Can anyone make any suggestions? MANY thanks!

UPDATE: found it - hint for others (I'm not a HP person so maybe I'm the clueless one) but when searching for the class make sure you correct spelling differences to search for it in the catalog!

Loved the bonus in the badge drop itself - genius! Also, glad the power boxes are back. Thx for the fun - LINE393

To all the summer gamer's out there
I am working on the Hamiltone badge and I need help finding the 1st code word. I have googled up the answer and plugged it into the catalog but I get thousands of answers to search through to find the code word. I am hoping that some of you gamer's can give me some more clues to help me find the 1st code word.
Thanks so much for the help

@lmd3577 - are you searching for F*********? The code is within the first handful of items.


Well, 26 people have gotten the badge, so it's just me! I'm working on Bad Blood and am stuck on the first clue. I have put the name of the war into the catalog as keyword (initials are FECW) and none of the few books that come up have the code. Where did I go wrong?


Just a quick tip I'm putting out there for any other Summer Gamers who may be working on the Kipling's India badge: For the second code, the clue says that the code you're looking for is in a CD. It's not, though - it's in a DVD. That one had me pretty baffled until I went with my hunch and searched with the "CD" filter turned off. Then I found it right away. Since I see that apparently only one person besides me has earned this badge so far, I thought knowing his might help.
If a staff member sees this comment, you may want to edit the clue for that code, as it is rather misleading. :)


What series is the Kipling's India badge in? I have not seen it in any badge series.


You're being too specific. Search for the name given to the entire series of wars.


Thank you - overspecificity is usually where I go wrong.

@Katharina Geschner

I think it's supposed to be in the Jungle Bookland badge series. I guess the staff accidentally forgot to put it in the badge list.

YES!! A Hamilton badge!! I've been waiting all summer for this!!! (but I was willing to "wait for it") :)

I'm sorry to say, but I'm quite bummed about the WonderGlass. It has a hole so someone can drink, but there isn't anything to cover it, meaning that it could spill. Also, we ordered 3 of those, but only got 2. And I also just realized that the WonderGlass is sold out, which means that we won't get the 1 glass that we were missing. :(


That's unfortunate about the glass. Did you try contacting them? Maybe they have extras stashed away somewhere.


Definitely use the Contact Us form on the website and contact the Summer Game team about the Wonder Glass. They'll work something out with you.

I hope Briarwood appreciates the Summer Game bringing them customers. I hadn't been there in years. (Probably won't be there again unless theres another badge!)

I totally loved both the Muppet badge and the "extra code" built into the blog post itself. :) :) Mahna Mahna is one of my favorite Muppets' skits ever so I love the design of the badge. :) I'm also excited for the new "Find the Park" badge. I enjoyed the first one a lot and am looking forward to this one.

Thanks for making such great badges and a great game. :)


Same here with Briarwood. Summer Game took me there twice in about a week, which definitely is the most I've been there in almost 8 years. And I even bought stuff both times, although the second time was just a coffee.

I have spent waaaayyyy too long on the last code for the National Lakeshores badge. Can someone tell me if I'm off track? I looked up the animal starting with a c mentioned on the Sleeping Bear Dunes wiki page. I looked up every other name it is also called. I looked up a bunch of other animals that could be predators. No luck... Thanks!

@amy thomas

I searched the last code for National Lakeshores and came up with no results, so maybe the item has been removed from the catalog. When I got the badge, I'm pretty sure I searched the same word as you are and found the code fairly quickly.

For the Commission Possible badge, I watched the entire "Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 1:30 PM - Ann Arbor Area Building Board of Appeals" meeting online and I didn't see or hear any code. Did I miss it or was there no code presented? I'm leaning towards the latter because I actually found it interesting and was actively listening.

OH my goodness y'all... hubs and I tried for the Field Lines badge. We were in the correct park, I found the exact right view and have NO idea what the clue was I was supposed to use. I saw a few things and I attempted every single variation I could think of. Nothing was correct. 12 people have gotten it and I'm lost. I did the contact us thing, but still curious if anyone who has gotten it can give me a clue. Not that I am able to go back, but if the opportunity presents itself I'd love to be able to figure it out! My husband thinks I was supposed to have binoculars. THANKS! Maybe644


Just picked up my shop order today, and it looks great so far!! Can't wait to see what's yet to be released. :D

@Katharina Geschner - you can get to the new Kipling badge by clicking on the badge in this blog post (2nd row, 2nd from left - at least the way it is formatted on my screen!) but it isn't on the badge list page yet. I only knew about it because @sharmas mentioned it here! Hopefully staff will fix that up soon.

And here is the URL:

I am glad to see the return of last year's red messenger bag, because that is a great bag. On the other hand, it says *marked down* but yet it requires more points than this year's gray bag. Granted, it is larger so probably worth more points. But it makes me wonder about the *marked down* part - does that mean marked down from last year?

p.s. let me know if the messenger bag warehouse contains a random spare strap for the red bag, because I can take it off your hands! We had one break and while I repaired it, I did a mediocre job.

Oh, yikes! Thanks for posting the info on the Kipling badge. I would probably never have found it that way.

My 7-year-old daughter and I canvassed the mall yesterday looking for the Briarwood codes and we, too, managed to only find 4 of 5 codes. Just like the other person who commented (Thomas Brown?), we are missing #4. We walked the whole mall twice and found the other codes with ease. My daughter was disappointed that we were unable to find the final code but I just couldn't bear to do another circuit in search of the 5th code.

Code #4 for Briarwood was, if I remember correctly, the one that you might miss if you don't come in the correct entrance. It's visible from the outside through a window but also visible from the inside from the correct angle.

@TBB, I think you missed the entry point one. There's one that's visible from the road if you drive around the building.

@SBNB, I don't think they said it. I watched that one too and while I wasn't 100% actively watching/listening, I felt I was enough to see/hear it and didn't. Send an email to contact us and they'll give you the clue.

It is fun to play the Summer Game because if you get enough points, then you get to buy things at the game shop. You also get to enjoy a lot books and I am having fun reading the books. There a lot of books at the library so you can always find something good to read.

Hi. I'm having problems with the 3rd clue of BAD BLOOD. I think the name is E*w*** so I tried searching for E* and then honest E* but no luck. Or am I way off? I'd appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

I wish I had seen your post because I just did the same thing.

I put in the new clue for the second NP badge K******* C*** S****. I did not find a code in the first 40 items that came up in the list except for the code used in another badge (that I already earned).

@ mcreader

I think you have the right guy, but you're not searching for the right part of his name. You should search for his nickname of sorts, the second part of this name.

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the super spelunker badge and I need help finding the 5th code word. I have looked at the wikipedia page about the cave and I have put in at least 3 different anwsers and I keep getting code not reginized. I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me with some more clues as to where I can find the 5th code word.
Thanks for the help


Don't search the catalog for that three word phrase. Enter it as a game code.


Check the Timpanogos Cave page on wikipedia under the section called "Three Caves". Just like @keebs23 mentioned, the code is the singular form of the word.


Thanks for clue. Sorry to sound dense but I tried W*** from E*w*** and still no luck. Also tried W*** Honest and Honest W***. Another clue please!!! Thanks!

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