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Buckle Up, Gamers! Badge Drop #7 Puts the Pedal to the Metal!

Fri, 07/29/2016 - 7:17pm

Traveling is all the rage during summer. We know it. We're down with the trends. We've been doing a lot of traveling this summer and you've probably been doing a bit of traveling too, right? Traveling through the catalog for codes. Traveling to parks in the hothothot sun for glorious points. Traveling to your Aunt Gertrude's house for dignity-crushing cheek-pinches. And we're sure lots of you have been traveling around your neighborhood and walking into walls and falling off of docks playing a certain game that rhymes with Frokemon Shmo.

We know you're about ready to sit down and take a break and that's cool. Breaks are nice. But you know what's better?



2016 Badge Drop #7
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So GET UP, gamer! Get out of that SWIVELLY COMPUTER CHAIR, abandon AUNT GERTRUDE'S PLASTIC-COVERED COUCH, pull YOURSELF and your DAMAGED PHONE out of whatever RIVER/LAKE/POND was at the end of that dock, and buckle those seat belts because this game is NON-STOP!

If you look to your right you'll see some brand new ARBOR EXPLORER badges! If you look to your left you'll spot CIV CITY, where the currency is CIVIC ENGAGEMENT and everyone is FILTHY RICH! And if you look right up ahead you'll probably have all kinds of comments to make because this week marks the drop of our COMMENT MASTER BADGES!!! "Whaaaaat?!" you might say! Or maybe "Wooooow!" Or possibly "Oooooooh!" and also "Aaaaaah!" It's really up to you what comments you make--that's the beauty of FREE WILL and THE SUMMER GAME!

Now, the Summer Game might not make any stops, but your LOCAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY is ALL ABOUT making stops and we've teamed up with them to bring you some BUS-A-RIFFIC, TRANSIT-TASTIC badges that will make all of these seat belt references seem ridiculous because BUSES ARE INHERENTLY SEAT BELTLESS.

And since it's Friday you can count on some pretty cool prizes rolling into the Summer Game Shop, so stay tuned for more on that!

Now it's time to get up, get out, and get going!

Happy travels, gamers, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


The last civ city answer is giving me trouble. What's the format of the date?

Such fun! Having serious trouble with the fourth clue for the diamond heist one. I really feel like I found the right book, but no code...any help?

I passed a bus on the north side of town this evening and was happy to see that it did indeed have a code on the side! The other people in the car with me probably thought I was a little crazy getting so excited about a bus.

I'm confused - I entered the code for "board the ride" earlier today, and the code line shows the code and says "You Found It". But I haven't been awarded the badge - actually only one person has and it's not me. Does something else need to be done?


For Moons of Jupiter #3 I think I know the answer and have tried 1, 2 and 3 word answers in various permutations - any further hint from those who have earned it?
Thanks (NIGHT666)

Love the new badges! Tried to do the power art badge, but couldn't get the first code, so unable to do the rest. Would it be possible to have each power box clue written out like the park explorer ones? So you dont need a cell phone to find the next clues. We used the two words in the sign plus three different trees, but none of them worked.

Re: the Board the Ride Badge not showing up. Never mind! At 9:23pm it was magically awarded. Thank you library elves!


If you entered the code earlier, the badge should be awarded after your next scoring event! In other words, do something (anything!) to earn points and that will jumpstart the system into giving you the badge.

Ditto @Thomas B Brown and @kathscot. We've tried lots of date variations and nothing's been recognized.

Story of my life.
Thanks, witty Summer Game Shop Tschotsch-describer.


For the third code of moons of Jupiter, it should just be one word that starts with R that you search in the catalog.

I'm somewhat afraid of my new Polychromatic Timecube that I received today. When I pulled off the battery tabs, it flashed colorful lights and played music! I love the large display. And I will be happy not to have to reset it after power outages. Thanks library.

I got some Summer Game Shop swag today! The wind-up robots are pretty great. They don't walk, but they definitely DANCE!

I'm looking forward to trying out the mini kite this weekend. :)

I just left a completely ridiculous jokey but referential tag on an item while doing the latest Muppet badge. I simply couldn't resist. I'll delete it later.

(I also did a perfectly valid tag, so it wasn't just for the points.)

My five year old just picked up his SG prizes and is obsessed with his alarm clock and magic 8 ball. Thank you SG masters for find us such amazing prizes!

And I am loving the new partnership with AATA. We love riding the bus, so earning SG points on top of it rocks!

Having trouble getting some of these to work. I, too, couldn't get any format to work for the general election date. Also, the Musicals badge says to look for a particular actress (with lots of clues as to who she is), in the catalog, but when I searched her name (and I know I have the name right) none of the items that came up had the code.

My new Polychromatic Timecube woke me up this morning with a special rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!" (Temperature: 81 degrees)

All this talk of the Time Cube is making me want to tun through the rain to the library to get mine now. But I just now realized that I didn't get a notification that my order was ready. Alas, maybe next week.

Also stuck trying to find the fourth code for the musicals badge. I see that no one has earned the badge yet which is a red flag that something is wrong.

I'm SOO far behind! This needs to go on another week longer than usual. The hard ones are really hard this year! I'l be posting here for a bunch of help todayy as I attempt to plow through some of these badges.

I have had the same problem as some other posters here - I eventually got unstuck on the Moons of Jupiter, but I have been having trouble with the Diamond Heist and the Musicals.

Like KelleyC, I feel like I've found the right book, which has yellow gloves on the cover, but no dice. No code, and the name of the protagonist of the book didn't work as a code either (not first, not last, not both together), and the title of the book didn't work as a code, with or without "the". Yet, I can see that people have gotten this badge! Anything Kelley and I are missing?

For the musicals one - I only saw 55 things with the actress from the musicals, not 57, but I tried all of them and didn't find a code. Looks like no one's gotten that badge yet.

oh yay fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ KelleyC, @nemiller The hint isn't helpful for the Diamonds badge #4 (in fact, I think it's more of a red herring). I googled around and found a different flavor.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Hiding and Seeking badge and I need help finding the last code word. I have googled up the anwser I think I am looking for and when I put it into the calalouge I get thousands of anwser to searh through. I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me out with some more clues as to where look for the final code word.
Thanks so much for the help


I found the last code to Hiding and Seeking by searching only the first word in the name, V------. There were nine results, and the code was in one of them.

What fun. I like comments from others who have some problems finding codes. I know I'm not alone.

My husband and I are having a lot of fun doing this together. We even have some friends that have joined now, too.

Thank you @SBNB ! You got me unstuck on the Jovian Moons clue 3. I kept trying words within the clue itself, but your tip made me realize what it actually meant.

I admit, I felt daunted when I saw the Pokémon baddies badge - such flashbacks to the Pokémon badge series! But I got it. I got ALL of it! :)

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I'm working on the "Diamonds Gone Forever" badge and I need help finding the second code word. I have googled up the possible answer to no avail. I am hoping that some of you could help me with some more clues to help me find the second code word.
Thanks so much for the help

@logista. Thank you for the assistance but I still have not been able to solve Diamonds Gone Forever #4. I found the book everyone else was talking about. However, I have not found an alternative through google or catalog searches. I think I have been through 100 books in the catalog with no success. Any additional assistance would be appreciated.

@jshearer1 - Welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy it and come back next year for lots more fun.

Thanks for adding me to your friend list - I added you to mine, so that means we both got some bonus points. :)

I wish there was some way to know about and easily read someone replying to one of your posts. Something like a notification in your account that will route you right to the post.

It would also be really great if replies were in a thread format. As it is, I don't see any functional difference between doing a reply post or a new one.

I don't either, Fevvers. I think they didn't expect that so many comments would get posted!

For diamonds 4th clue try "the untold story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist" website.
Now I'm stuck on 5th clue. Any further hints, gamers?

Has anyone gotten to the "Search TheRide" badge? I found the first and fourth codes, but it's like the other three aren't there. Am I missing something?

EDIT: OK, I found them. Don't try to browse through their site; just use their search function. It's super easy that way.

I agree that this year's three star badges can be real head scratchers. However, I'm also working on some older badges and the 2014 Cryptoid Cryptography - whoa Nelly - now those are hard!

For diamond's fourth clue, the item in the catalog contains a different lunch meat also ending in -i than the s----i that Google said was in the food item.

@lmworks - I know, right?? That badge series really was a stumper for me, I remember. In fact, I remember that back in 2014, I eventually ended up just giving up on the final badge in the series (after earning all the others, too - it was quite a let-down! :P), but then this year I went back and managed to earn it anyway.
Well, good luck! ;)


ERROR ALERT! The Black Woods Pond badge clues contains a serious error that will send you far in the wrong direction.

Incorrection portion: "Next you will come to post #8 (for sure! The gamemaker’s camera worked) and again follow the red arrow left. You are getting closer to the pond now! You will pass post #7 with a single black arrow on it - keep going."

It SHOULD say: When you come to post #8, turn RIGHT. That will lead you to post #7....


I know exactly what you mean. It took me forever to figure out that clue. Always glad to help!

Can anyone help with the last code for Perfect Murder? I'm pretty sure I have the two words I need to search (from Wikipedia and it fits the hint as well), but searching those words in the catalog gives only one result, and there is no code in that item.

I'm having trouble getting the 2nd code of the Ann Arbor Votes badge. I know the name of the resource, but when I type it as my code, it says the code isn't recognized. Any suggestions?

blackwater badge is SUPER confusing :( we got lost trying to follow the directions, and I'm p sure we weren't the only ones feeling this way because we bumped into a couple other gameplayers who also got lost :/

I am also having trouble finding the the third code of The Perfect Murder badge. Any hints? Thanks!

Any hints for the 2nd clue of the AAATA Ride web search badge? I've put in the name of the pass several different ways and none are right. WELL446

I came on to post the same error alert as doctorfang for the Black Pond Woods badge. We did figure it out but not before heading in the wrong direction for quite a while.

FYI - Several of the codes for the Catch the Ride badge are not right at the bus stop (at least as of Sunday they weren't). Traverwood had theirs inside (in a window where you can view the bus stop) and Mallets Creek has theirs right outside the building. Pittsfield's is outside near the bus stop. I haven't tried the others yet.

obrien1988 - I ended up using the site map on theride site a lot to get the codes there. They are all in a special section marked with the badge image, not buried in the text or anything, so the challenge is finding the right section on the site.

My mom had a plastic covered couch for many years. Her name is not Gertrude, however.

Sharmas - the third code for Perfect Murder is on a item originally in theaters in the 1980s starring Billy C------ and Danny D-----. It's got an item related to rails in the title. I recognized the movie from the clue, though, so only needed to look up the exact title.

SBNB - There were two game codes on the item for clue #4 when I just did the Perfect Murder badge, and entering both finished the badge for me.

I think the last code for The Perfect Murder badge ended up on the same item as the second to last code.

Hey All, thanks for all the feedback; for Search The Ride you won't have to come up with any codes on your own; they'll all be in boxes on the right side of the page including an image of the badge when you find the right page. As others have said, the search is very helpful; hence the name!

This is so fun! I love earning badges with me and my kids! Also, you learn lots of good facts!

@doctorfang & @jmoc k Hello all! So very sorry for the confusion on the Black Pond Woods badge - seeing that it had been earned 10 times I thought all was well - so thanks for the comments and sorry for the confusion! I'm updating the badge right now with the correction to turn right. Thanks for the help! The badge is CORRECT now! Thanks for playing!

@bituck and @KJRULEZ

Thanks! When I saw 2 codes on one item, I assumed one was for an earlier badge. It didn't even occur to me that they would both be for the same badge.

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on two badges and I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me by giving me some more clues as to where I can find the code words.
1) Catch a ride: I was out at the West Branch area and I searched for the code word to no avail I know there at least two stops near the building and I still could not find the code word.

2) Diamonds Gone Forever: I am working on finding the third code word and I have googled up what I think is the anwser and I went to plug the anwser into the catalouge and it gave me thousands of items to sarch through. I am hoping that some you gamers out there can help me with some more clues as to help me find both code words I am looking for.
Thanks for the help

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