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Westgate Will Open on Tuesday, September 6

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 1:08pm by josie

The Westgate branch of the AADL will open on Tuesday, September 6 at 9:00 AM. We invite you to visit this newly renovated location, and to join us there for a public celebration on Sunday, September 18, at 12:00 PM. We will have music, food, and fun for all ages at this celebration of a new library in a familiar place.



Great to hear. I am looking forward to Westgate reopening since it is the closest branch to our house.

Thank you for the update. We're dying for it to open and it's glad to hear some news.

Great news! Always impressed when major construction projects somehow finish on schedule. There's so many variables. (No, this isn't intended to be a swipe at projects that aren't completed by original projected dates.) So, excellent managing the projections and everything else, AADL!

My family peers through the windows of the Westgate branch every time we are at Westgate. It's looking great inside! Can't wait to enjoy it.

Thank you for keeping this branch on the west side!

We cannot WAIT! And thanks for the idea to peer in, doctor fang. We will definitely head over there to peer. My kids are most anxious to attend events there.

I am so excited for it to open again. It is the closest branch for me, so it would be great if it has a better studying atmosphere like the other branches.

REALLY looking forward to the reopening! I noticed we could order our summer game shop items to this location... is it open for picking that up? I chose a different location just in case that wasn't okay.

I can't wait to see the expansion! I hope there is an opening celebration.

It looks beautiful! Like everyone else, can't wait to see it when the work is completed. Thank you for sending the video of the work in progress.

Peeked in today -- it looks gorgeous! Had a nice chat with a fellow library enthusiast who was also peering in!


I also noticed a lot of greasy hand and nose prints at the back window. I am so excited by the back entrance.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the new layout. It looks amazing!

I too have been peering in regularly, and love following the progress. Even though I live within walking distance, I am very excited for all the patrons who get to use the back parking lot. That area has been underutilized for years!

This is great news!
I eagerly await the reopening of "my" branch library.

I read about people peeking in - maybe you could post a Game Code inside...?

I heard that the final summer game party might be held at the same time as a grand-reopening but doesn't look like that will happen now, eh?

As much as I have enjoyed trekking out to the Pittsfield branch, I am so excited that our branch is opening soon! Great job in getting everything done on time. From what we can see, the library looks amazing. I know we will not be disappointed.

Congratulations! Another fine addition to an already excellent and community-focused library system. Thank you all! Looking forward to it.

I watched the video tour. It looks beautiful.I've been going to the library
since it was in the lower level of the old Frieze building. I appreciate how
thoughtfully the expansions have been made.
Thank you all for your work on this project.

Excited, too! I didn't realize there was a video on Facebook. Thanks for that comment. But can't find it - what's the date?

The very good news is that the branch has an entrance in the rear of the shopping center and there is ample parking out back. Please drive around the Rite Aid end of the center and back to the south west corner and you will see that parking does not need to be a problem for anyone visiting the library or Sweetwaters at Westgate.


I wish I could attend the celebration, but I work on Sundays. I'll definitely be stopping by on a regular basis since it is so close to me.


Fantastic! this has been our location (although we've always chosen to go elsewhere) for the last three years since moving to the westside, we are so EXCITED!

I'm SO glad !!!!!!!!! West was always 'the little engine that could' among the branches of the AADL system -now it's one the 'big dogs' !!! (Sorry about the tortured metaphors). It's my neighborhood branch and am happy it'll soon be back online. Trouble is, it looks so nice & upscale, I'm afraid I'm too scruffy to be allowed in !!!!!!!

@lindsaybalazer, I remember reading on some summer game blog post that they are allowing West for summer game item pickup because it will be open before the end of deliveries (some time later in September or maybe October?). In other words, if you're willing to wait, you can choose it now.

tdsiterlet - I agree with you. I love that West is still in the Westgate mall instead of in an isolated location. I hope we all feel welcome there!

I am so excited! I hope I will be one of the lucky ones selected to volunteer. I have really missed the West branch.

Ann Arbor probably has the greatest number of bookstores and cafes per capita of any city in the State: Huzzah! Our tax dollars at work for an eminently worthy cause. Bravo, A2 residents, City Council and AADL for reinvesting in one of the nation's best public library systems. This is how we do "growth mindset" as a community!

I have had no problem asking to have future holds changed to a different branch, by submitting an email via the web form. The circulation staff was really nice about it.

Yeah, my favorite branch actually, because it's so close to my place. love it. Cant' wait. Thank you so much about this.

Books and coffee! Coffee and books! Library plus Sweetwaters has to be the best combination ever.

I remember taking my class here on field trips many years ago. It was so small, but they were able to squeeze us in. I hope the expansion allows more of this type of visit, as I was always astounded by how many students had never been to their public library before.

This is extremely exciting. Having seen the online tour it will be an incredible upgrade and a tremendous add to our community. The parking lot is going to be full!

Wonderful news! We've really missed our neighborhood branch. But I'm selfishly worried. West was almost like a well kept secret that only a few of us knew. Now the whole city will be flocking there!

FINALLY! The best part about this announcement, other than this branch being nearer my home and NOT the downtown branch, is that now the librarians won't be so able to snap at me "I don't know," when I ask when Westgatel be open. Looking forward. Who knows, maybe they won't even have bathroom police like they do at the branch downtown. Hip, hip, hooray! Privacy, less odors, and who knows, maybe it will be quieter, the people will be more respectful and keep it to a hush or low whisper like in the Golden Olden Days ;=)

Pray for peace.

Books, coffee, Westgate. Books, coffee, Westgate. Books, coffee, Westgate. Amen! Thank God.

West will be four times bigger than it used to be. Also there will be a sweetwaters connected. Library books will be allowed in sweetwaters and sweetwaters items will be allowed in the library. Not sure that is a great idea?

Great news! Just in time for the new school year, but too late for the Summer Game. Ah, well.

My kids and I can't wait for it to open. I have it down on our calendar! We are especially excited to try out the new sweetwaters as well!

I was lucky enough to volunteer last week at West. Wow! Even incomplete, it's absolutely beautiful. But I must say, my favorite upgrade is the book labels - large font and additional details. Definitely a win/win!

will come

I'd like to start making my stuff go there but its still not an option will I be able to change my on holds to there or do I just keep checking which library there at till they're caught up?

This will be terrific! I cannot wait, since Westgate is closer by the grocery store, too.

Hey, it is time to add Westgate in the hold options! with a book at # 16 on the hold list, think it will not be at Westgate before it opens!!

After visiting this spot, the place looks pretty impressive. There are at least three choices for students to work on course projects or group work together: the study rooms, the quiet reading room that is situated towards the back of the building, or the two meeting spaces.
The furniture colors are fantastic, too. Even the blue and green colors seem pretty soothing and calming.
I just wish there were other vending machines for some hot chocolate or coffee, instead of needing to spend four or five dollars.

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