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Westgate Will Open on Tuesday, September 6

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 1:08pm by josie

The Westgate branch of the AADL will open on Tuesday, September 6 at 9:00 AM. We invite you to visit this newly renovated location, and to join us there for a public celebration on Sunday, September 18, at 12:00 PM. We will have music, food, and fun for all ages at this celebration of a new library in a familiar place.



Great news! Just in time for the new school year, but too late for the Summer Game. Ah, well.

My kids and I can't wait for it to open. I have it down on our calendar! We are especially excited to try out the new sweetwaters as well!

I was lucky enough to volunteer last week at West. Wow! Even incomplete, it's absolutely beautiful. But I must say, my favorite upgrade is the book labels - large font and additional details. Definitely a win/win!

will come

I'd like to start making my stuff go there but its still not an option will I be able to change my on holds to there or do I just keep checking which library there at till they're caught up?

This will be terrific! I cannot wait, since Westgate is closer by the grocery store, too.

Hey, it is time to add Westgate in the hold options! with a book at # 16 on the hold list, think it will not be at Westgate before it opens!!

After visiting this spot, the place looks pretty impressive. There are at least three choices for students to work on course projects or group work together: the study rooms, the quiet reading room that is situated towards the back of the building, or the two meeting spaces.
The furniture colors are fantastic, too. Even the blue and green colors seem pretty soothing and calming.
I just wish there were other vending machines for some hot chocolate or coffee, instead of needing to spend four or five dollars.

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