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Jimmy Hoffa Found At Willow Run Airport

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 9:54am

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Old News has unearthed some photos from Jimmy Hoffa's triumphant return to Michigan following his election as President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in October, 1957. Over a thousand Michigan Teamsters [|lined up] to welcome 'Jimmy' back home.

Willow Run Airport was awash in [|cars] and [|semis]. An [|honor guard] preceded Hoffa onto the stage where he [|delighted] the crowd with his homecoming speech. The Teamsters presented Jimmy with a Native American [|headdress] to symbolize his new leadership role.

Hoffa had delivered a fiery speech at the convention decrying the [|McClellan Committee] investigation and anti-labor legislation pending in Congress. Mr. Hoffa disappeared on July 30, 1975 three years after his tenure as President of the Teamsters ended.