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Activist, Author and Politican Tom Hayden dies at 76

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Tom Hayden in Chicago, 1971, by [|Leni Sinclair]

Activist, lawmaker, [a:Hayden, Tom|author], and politician [|Tom Hayden] died yesterday at 76. Hayden took the hard route towards politics with his involvement with the University of Michigan's [|Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)] and helped write one of the most significant 20th century political manifestos: the [w:Port Huron Statement]. His participation in the disruption of the 1968 Democratic convention as one of the fabled "[|Chicago Seven]" made him an international celebrity. Visits to Hanoi during the Vietnam War brought attention to the conflict in ways that were unpredictable at that time, and his marriage to [|Jane Fonda] gave him a celebrity-status he never quite lived down.

Right or wrong, Hayden proved that one voice can make a difference in American politics. Conventionally unsuccessful, he nonetheless served as a model for democratic political participation in ways that more orthodox politicians would never have dared to attempt.

Watch AADL's 2014 video [|"A Call to Battle Against the Climate Crisis"], Hayden's discussion on how Michigan and the Great Lakes region can move the U.S. towards the protections of a clean energy economy.