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Episcopal Report Urges Temperance Teaching Increase

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Episcopal Report Urges Temperance Teaching Increase

TUE JAN 17 1939

Rev. Henry Lewis, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal church, speaking before the Ministerial Association of Ann Arbor yesterday summarized the report of the diocesan Episcopal committee in Christian research of which he is a member.  The report is to be discussed at the diocesan convention in February in Detroit.  

The committee recommends that the Episcopal church in the Michigan diocese give more emphasis to the teaching and preaching of temperance and to pre-marital instruction and post-marital counsel, Mr. Lewis said.

With regard to liquor and gambling, the subcommittee which made the study reported, "We have not been surprised to learn from our inquiries that the practice of temperance, which is rarely observed, would greatly minimize the bad effects discovered," Mr. Lewis said.

"The characteristic intemperance of Americans in a great many phases of individual social life, including both work and play, intensifies and increases the evils discovered in the field," he quoted.  "From the standpoint of the family we find that maladjusted personalities result from both drink and gambling."

The drinking mother has become one of the greatest menaces to our civilization; in all classes of society; a contributing cause of neglected children."

The committee recommended, Mr. Lewis reported, that the bishops establish a series of training schools for the clergy upon the subject of marriage instruction and make literature on the subject available.  Families in the church, the committee contends, should be more articulate in commending or condemning movie or radio programs to the producers or sponsors.