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Women in Tap: 'Herstory' of Tap Dancing Women


Saturday March 18, 2017: 2:30pm to 4:00pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room


Discover the rich history of American tap dancing women. From Vaudeville to Hollywood, from Broadway to nightclubs, from the dance studio classroom to the performance stage, women have been a vital part of American tap dance history.

In this special event for Women's History Month, local tap dance teacher and dance historian Susan Filipiak will share video footage and personal stories of the women who influenced her journey as a tap dancer/teacher. Susan's presentation will also include live tap dance performance.

Susan Filipiak is celebrating her 35th year as a dance teacher and 58 years as a life-long dancer. Her women tap dance mentors include Brenda Bufalino, Dianne Walker, Heather Cornell, Barbara Duffy and a host of legends of the past - Jeni LeGon, Marion Coles, Mable Lee, Harriet Browne, Miriam Nelson. Susan teaches tap dance at the Ann Arbor YMCA. Find her at Swing City Dance.

“Herstory” of Tap Dancing Women – Susan Filipiak Film Clip links
Ruby Keeler – 42nd Street, 1933
Shirley Temple – War Babies, 1932 Film Short
Shirley Temple & Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson – The Littlest Rebel, 1935
Jeni LeGon & Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson – Hooray for Love, 1935
Jeni Legon (w/ Eddie Cantor & the Peters Sisters) – Ali Baba Goes To Town, 1937
Ginger Rogers – The Gold Diggers of 1933
Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire – Roberta, 1935
Eleanor Powell & Fred Astaire – Broadway Melody of 1940 &
Eleanor Powell & Buttons – Lady Be Good, 1941
Ann Miller – Radio City Revels, 1937
Betty Atkinson – Tap & Twirl – film short from 1939
Jean O’Neil – Tap & Acrobatics – film short from 1936
Beverly LaBlanc – Tap in Pointe Shoes – television appearance in the 1950’s
The Holst Sisters – Chain Gang Tap – film short from 1936
Cora La Redd – Jig Time – film short from 1933
The Edwards Sisters (w/ Duke Ellington) – film short 1949
Lois Bright – The Miller Brothers & Lois - Hi De Ho, 1947
Mitzi Mayfair (w/ chorus line) – Paramount on Parade, 1930
Consuela Harris – film short from 1938
Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies – music video from 2013
Michelle Dorrance – Guggenheim Museum Piece, 2017
Brenda Bufalino – Improvisation to Epistrophy, 2007
Dianne Walker – Improvisation to A Day in the Life of A Fool, 2000
Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball – Lucy Show, 1971
Jeni LeGon – stage appearance, 2007

Susan Filipiak

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