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I propelled down from the ceiling, going through my normal process. The harness was still uncomfortable. I should’ve had that fixed. My heeled boots made clicking sounds as I hit the ground and started moving. 

“Just down this hallway, just down this hallway,” I muttered to myself.

I was looking for the Black Diamond. It was supposed to be the biggest diamond in existence. And I was hunting it. Seeing the headlines scream “Diamant Noir Strikes Again! Infamous Thief Steals Priceless Gems!” was so very satisfying; and yes, being known as the Diamant Noir added so much incentive to steal my namesake. Plus, I was in Paris. Might as well try my luck.

I rounded the corner, and I saw it, sitting in the case. Gliding up to it, I carefully removed the glass. The lack of security was surprising. I picked up the gem, and the texture felt strange to my fingers. It didn’t feel like a diamond should. Lifting it fully out of its case, I got a better look at it. I couldn’t hear the blaring alarms in my ears or feel the guard as he pinned me. The Black Diamond was a truffle.

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