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Gender Identity for Kids

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 9:55am by evelyn

Do you know a little one who is starting to learn about the big, fun, sometimes messy world of gender and gender identity? We’ve got books for that!

Introducing Teddy is an adorable new picture book about a boy and his best friend and teddy, who wishes that she was a girl instead of a boy. Teddy is afraid to share her feelings with her friend, but when she does, she’s very glad she did! This is a wonderful book about both gender and unconditional love.

Who Are You?: The Kids’ Guide to Gender Identity is a new nonfiction book by Brook Pessin-Whedbee that teaches children about gender identity with simple language and bright, engaging pictures.

Flamingo Rampant Press is a new publisher offering picture books about gender and sexual orientation. The stories in these books are imaginative, diverse, fun, and feature all kinds of kids.

If you want more information on supporting kids in their gender exploration, take a look at The Gender Creative Child by Dr. Diane Ehrensaft. This title offers lots of information on supporting children as they grow and discover who they are. Included is information on how to talk with children about gender expression, how to make sure all of a child’s needs are getting met, how to navigate schools and other environments, and when to research medical options like hormone therapy. Raising the Transgender Child is a great resource for parents of transgender children and offers lots of detailed, science-backed, information.

For more great books on gender for kids and their grownups, take a look at this list!


I see my comment was removed. If you don't agree with their book selections then they will remove your comments. Apparently only some people's comments and opinions are valued and others are filtered. Shame on you AADL! I still find it appalling to even suggest to read these books to young children.

This is great — always happy to see that new good books continue to come out to tell us stories and help guide us through. Thanks for the link to the broader list, too!

Thank you for highlighting these books. We recently discovered Red: A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall -- an Ann Arbor author -- and I think that it would also fit with these titles.

Thanks for the recommendation! That's a great book and I've added it to the list.

Thank you, AADL, for keeping the collection current and highlighting these titles. I'm particularly happy to see more children's books that give us heroes and heroines for whom experiences of gender have shaped—but not defined—their stories.

I wanted to be able to introduce my preschooler to the idea that gender identity and expression are part of the human experience, without it being a big deal. Introducing Teddy and Who Are You?: The Kids’ Guide to Gender Identity are both visually appealing, with just enough information to open up an age-appropriate conversation.

Our family was also looking for books in which trans* and gender non-conforming kids have friends, supportive family, and adventures in their own right. Not every book with a gender fluid or creative character should have to be about being different, misunderstood or bullied. The Flamingo Rampant titles are great in this regard, as well as "One of a kind like me." Thanks again and kudos!

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