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Captain’s Log


Day One :     We have made landfall at 0600 hours Scaron-Galactic time. We have proceeded with the unloading of the cargo and have started construction on the Laboratory. We scanned for any life-forms on the planet and have found we are utterly alone on this desolate moon. This is the perfect place for the experiments to take place.


Day Five :     The experiments are proceeding as expected. We have made sufficient progress that we can now move to animal testing. If all goes well, we will move on to human testing.


Day Sixteen :     We have begun human testing of the cargo. The lab is secure, but my men have reported odd sightings out in the wastes. Shadow shapes that appear in the corner of their eye, but disappear when they look to see what it is. The shapes don’t appear on the radar either, so this is a bit worrisome. However; with any luck, we won’t have to deal with these shapes before we are ready to leave this moon.

Day Thirty-One :         Something terrible is happening here. People have been disappearing into the night, and their remains have been found out in the wastes, almost as if som

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