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Fifth Avenue Press FAQ

How is 'local' author defined?

The library is looking to primarily support writers in the Ann Arbor area and within Washtenaw County. We are also looking to record Ann Arbor history and stories. So if a writer lives elsewhere in Michigan or even another state, but is writing about Ann Arbor or a regional topic that would be of interest to the local community, we would also be interested in those manuscripts. Many people have lived in Ann Arbor and may have writing that will be of interest to the local community. If you think the Ann Arbor community would be interested in your work, send us an email or submit a writing sample and see what happens!

What types of works are you planning to publish? Are poetry, memoir, graphic novels or other special works welcome?

Basically, if it's good — we want it! There are no limits to what we will publish if we like it and think the community will too! This includes:

- Fiction: novels, novellas, short stories, prose, poetry etc. for children, teens and adults are all welcome

- Genres: romance, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, mystery, humor, comics etc.

- Non-fiction: biographies, memoirs, history, self-help, how-to, travel, sports etc.

- Picture books, comics, graphic novels and other visually oriented work

- Plays - for stage and screen

- Works written for any age group or audience

What Doesn't Fifth Avenue Press do? 

Fifth Avenue Press is not a printer and does not do printing for our authors or other community members looking for similar services. During the process of working with our authors we guide them towards local publishers in the Ann Arbor area - we are blessed to have many options to choose from! Our authors have used McNaughton-Gunn.  Our authors have used amazon. There are numerous other online services too - such as BlurbIngramSpark/Lightning Source and Lulu. Locally none of the printers offer distribution

Fifth Avenue Press does not hold the copyright for the books we publish and does not make a profit from any book sales. Our authors pay for the printing of the hard copies they sell and keep 100% of the profits.

Fifth Avenue Press does not offer feedback/suggestions to works in progress or partial manuscripts. If your manuscript is accepted for publication we will offer a full edit and suggestions for your work. However, the library does offer monthly, writing workshops and meet-ups that are perfect for writers who need advice on next steps, structural feedback etc. The Emerging Writers Workshops and Meet-Ups happen monthly on Mondays at the Westgate Branch. Information about these events and all of our writing/publishing events can be found here.

Who is the "AADL Productions Team?"

We're a group of librarians, technicians, managers and other professional staff who produce content (web, print and visual) and events at the library. We're all avid readers, writers, and/or content specialists/selectors. The team currently writes, edits and produces the library's local arts blog Pulp. Pulp debuted in November 2015 covering local music, visual art, film & video, theater, dance and the written word. The aim is to cover arts for all ages, with an eye on the fun and fresh.

How long will it take to get a response after I submit my manuscript?

Once you submit your manuscript, you will get immediate confirmation of its receipt. You will receive a yes or no decision within two to eight weeks.

How does this differ from a big New York publisher or a small press? Is this vanity publishing?

Traditional publishing's business model is that a publisher acquires your manuscript and then licenses the right to sell your book. Fifth Avenue Press is different because we provide all the "front end" work of getting your manuscript ready to publish, and then turn it over to you to publish yourself. You keep all the profits from the book. We simply want to be known as the publisher of record and want the ebook in our library collection permanently. This is not "vanity publishing." "Vanity" or "author-supported publishing" requires a fee to be paid by the author before books go into production. In addition, the vanity publisher will take a cut of the author's profits once the books are selling. However, at Fifth Avenue Press, we pay the costs of getting your manuscript ready for publication. We then turn the finished manuscript over to you so you can print & publish it yourself, keeping both control of your book and the profits.

Is this like getting a grant to self-publish?

Not exactly. Although it's true that Fifth Avenue Press pays the upfront costs of getting the manuscript ready to publish, they deal directly with the editors, cover designers and formatters on the author's behalf. No money goes directly to the author. However, we assume the author will be handle the printing and physical publishing once the book is complete.