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Blind Date with a Book and Surprise Books for Kids!!

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 9:00am by PizzaPuppy

Stop by any of the AADL locations for a sweet February surprise!

Adults and teens will find Blind Date with a Book displays, where one can hopefully find the mysterious item of their dreams! Books (and movies!) are wrapped in butcher paper and decorated with hearts in red, pink and purple. They have a short description of what the material inside contains… but you’ll have to check out the item and take it home to unwrap to find out if it’s really meant for you!

Kids aren’t left out either! There are Surprise displays at every location too, where kids will find mystery items decorated with stars and question marks in bright rainbow colors, and wrapped up with only hints written on them to imply what’s inside.

These displays will be up for the entire month of February, so don’t miss your chance to find your match!


If we use the self-checkout, does the title show up on screen? Or does it show as "blind date with a book"?

Unfortunately, the book or movie title will show up when using the self-check stations. If you would like to keep it a surprise, you can check out with any of our desk staff. Thanks for your question!

This was the first year that I *went* on a blind date with a book! So much fun! Loved the surprise.

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