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The Monsters In Us 


There it was, the soul sucking monster. However, the monster’s appearance was familiar. As the girl touched the glass, her hand brushed the monster’s. Glaring into her eyes, the monster started to talk. Her hand moved away as she slowly backed up trying to distance herself from the monster, however, the monster started to scream. She ran, but the further she got, the louder the voice. The mirror standing in between them was the only thing separating her from the monster. The monster taunted, frightened, and devoured all of her thoughts and made them his own. She got confused having to sort out whose thoughts were whose, and being unable to decipher, she started giving into the thoughts of the monster. Standing in front of the mirror she was frightened to see her own reflection. The monster started to talk again, yet this time when he talked all she heard was silence. Within herself she had found the mute button. All she had to do, was give up trying to change herself and with that entailed demolishing the monstrous critic inside of her head. 


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