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It happened so fast, I almost didn’t see it.  The car came from the right, the smell of alcohol stinging my nose even from 30 feet away.  The car swerved sideways, narrowly missing several mailboxes, but it didn’t miss the little girl.  She couldn’t hear my screams to get away; no one heard my screams as bones crunched, a body thud, one last breath gasp out.  The car’s tires squealed loudly, leaving my ears ringing as he sped off, leaving a sight that everyone wished they could unsee.  A body broken almost beyond recognition lay crumpled in the street.  I started towards the body, but someone ran through me.  The girl’s mother.  “God, no! Please no!”  

She cradled the body of her baby, unseeing to the people that crowded around her.  I walked closer, still unseen, until I reached her side.  The smell of blood hurt my nose much like the alcohol did.  I laid my hand on her shoulder, the soft cotton of her sweater tickling my hand.  “Don’t worry, I will watch over her. ” A breath of words no one could hear except one.  I reached down, grabbed her daughter’s hand and, unseen, we both walked away.

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