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Rap Songs and Purple Hair

“You are the only exception…

And I’m on my way to believing.”


These school hallways are so depressing, and teachers wonder why kids don’t look forward to going to school. The long, cold hallways are barely ever dead. Even though many kids feel that way when they walk the never ending corridors. Whether it’s filled with kids who are skipping class, or just going to the bathroom. There is always someone walking in them. Then, there’s the awkward passings when you see someone you don’t know, or when you see him. The him you met last year, in first block. The him who was quiet at first, but got louder after the first week. The him that always asked the same question, “So what class do you have next?” The him that made you smile, but also made you mad. The him that blares those freaking rap songs when he walks by in his favorite red sweatshirt. The him that noticed you while you were invisible to everyone else. If only he didn’t mess it all up…



Oh my god, there she is. She is still so beautiful, just as beautiful as the first time I saw her. Last year, on the first day of school. That first block when it was just her and I in the class. Her long, straight hair, that is now short and a shade of purple. That big, bright smile of hers that is now bracketed with braces. The smile that only sometimes appeared when she was really happy and laughing. Oh that laugh, it drives me crazy. It’s not even like a funny laugh, it’s unique and different. But, it’s adorable, contagious and it fits her. I really liked her, something about her was different and I loved that. If only she didn’t mess it all up…



I knew I was going to get hurt, even Morgan told me…

”Look at me, I’m not kidding. He is going to hurt you. He is not someone you want to get involved with. He plays with girls, he doesn’t really care.” I listened as my best friend ranted on, once again telling me how to live my life.

“Morgan, I appreciate you looking out for me but you don’t know him. You just know the rumors. I gotta get to class though, I’ll see you after school okay?” And with that, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and walking down the hallway...

God, what is wrong with me? Why didn’t I just listen to her. I know, because she wasn’t really my friend. She never cared about what happened to me. She claims I only talked to him because I was jealous she was talking to him. Sigh. I don’t know what to believe anymore.



That one text conversation when she tried to warn me, she tried to look out for me...

I’m telling you, she’s not worth it.

She’s just going to play you like she does

to everyone else. She’s my best friend, I know her.

I care about you. She only started to talk to you

cause I told her I thought you were cute.

I can’t believe her…

I was never the only guy?


Why didn’t I just listen. I could’ve saved myself from her.


There he is again… walking with yet another different girl. Another girl that he will never actually care about. Another girl he is going to call beautiful. Another girl who’s going to fall for him. Another girl he’s going to play. Another girl he is going to break. Another girl with another broken heart. Another girl who isn’t me. I bet he doesn’t even miss me.


There was just always something about her that intrigued me, made me want to know more about her. She doesn’t know how bad I want her in my arms instead of her being in his. He can’t have her. She doesn’t realize how bad it hurts to see her talk to other guys. She’s mine, or at least I wish she was. I bet she doesn’t even miss me.



Today was just wonderful. First, I see him… then I have to see Morgan. Then, the two of them walking together, as if seeing them separately wasn’t bad enough. She was my best friend, he broke my heart… I don’t see how she can just act like everything's okay. In the end, they both left though. He made me feel something different, something I had never felt before. He made me happier than I thought any guy ever could. It’s funny how someone who made you smile, even with tears in your eyes, could also be the cause for the tears. I used to hate even the idea of love, to me it was just pointless. I didn’t see a point on relying on someone. But then, I met him… He came into my life and it’s almost like everything changed, kind of like that song by Paramore called The Only Exception. God, I miss him.



I wonder if I ever cross her mind anymore because like usual, she’s on mine. Every time she posts, I want to like the picture. I want to comment something witty like I always did for her. I want to make her smile… and laugh. Whenever I think about her, I remember the past. I remember the late night conversations and late night phone calls. I wish she realized how much she meant to me. God, I miss her, I can’t handle this.




Oh my god, am I dreaming? This can’t be happening, did he really just text me. No, it’ gotta be an accident, he must have clicked on my name by accident. No. Just no.





Holy crap, she actually answered. Why… Why did she answer?

I was not expecting an answer.

Yeah, don’t blame you.

I wasn’t expecting a text.

How are you…?

I’ve definitely been better,

been thinking a lot.

Yeah, me too.

This cannot be happening.



This cannot be happening. Don’t you dare cave in. Don’t.

Yeah, me too.

I’ve uh.. I’ve been thinking

about the past a lot.

I have too. Why’d…

why’d you do it?

Me? I didn’t do anything,

you’re the one that played me.

What? No… you were

talking to a lot of other guys.

Who told you that?


Why did I not see this before? Of course she told him that. Of course it was her because who else would it be. God, I’m such an idiot.




Of course she did. She told me

the same about you.

She tried warning me that you

were going to

break my heart because you just

play with girl’s hearts.

I only wanted you though.

I never wanted to hurt you.

You were different. You meant so

much to me. I never believed in love

until I met you. I didn’t like

commitment. But, with you…

I wanted to.

Whenever I saw guys hugging

you or comforting you,

I so badly wanted it to be me.

Oh crap, did I really just say all of that?



I… can’t believe he feels that way. I can’t believe this.

I felt the same about you.



I… I miss you.

I miss you too.

I didn’t think he actually missed me. But, he just said he does. Finally.






Why’d you do it Morgan?

Do what?

Don’t play dumb, I know the

truth now Morgan.

You were never my friend,

you were just looking out for

yourself and what you wanted.

You didn’t even care if he made me



But nothing Morgan,

I can’t believe I ever trusted you.

I’m done with this “friendship”,

I don’t even know who you are


Never did I think that I would actually like walking down these hallways. Turning these corners and not being scared to see him. Now, actually wishing we run into each other. I never thought I could ever look forward to going to school. But now, I really do look forward to seeing him. Smiling to myself as I hear those freaking rap songs. I can hear the faint sound of his favorite J-Cole song and I swear, my heart has never beat this fast before. Alright, come on, you can do it. Just look up. There he is, at the end of the hallway in that same red sweatshirt. Go, just go.



“Dude, isn’t that her right there?”

What is he talking about- Oh my god, it is her. Right there. She’s walking towards me. Right towards me., with Morgan right behind her.

“Hi” I smile down at her, taking her into my embrace.

“Hi” she blushes and smiles back.

It feels so right to have her in my arms and in front of everyone, especially Morgan. She flips me off and then storms away.

Pulling away I look down at her, “I am so sorry for everything, I can’t even believe that you’re giving me a second chance.”

She looks up at me and replies with another big smile, “Sometimes people surprise you,” and with that she hugged me once more. I can’t believe this is real.


I never thought I’d get the girl with the purple hair.


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