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Armen Cleaners - Marking Machine, March 1949

Armen Cleaners - Marking Machine, March 1949 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 11, 1949
1. The machine in the center of the bench (illustrated above) is a Marking Machine, by which special identification tags are prepared and fastened to your garments WITH SAFETY PINS. 2. Fancy buttons and other ornaments, if not already removed, are taken off at this time, for safe keeping. 3. This is, also, where all garments are checked for rips and tears. 4. The various spools of colored thread, shown in the picture, are used after cleaning garments to resew previously removed buttons and ornaments. 5. The conduit pipe seen immediately under the marking machine is to dispose of old marking tags, removed from garments to be cleaned.
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