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With slight movements, I tilted my head back, letting clustered dew coil along the bridge of my nose and slip between parted lips. My hands slithered into the air, reaching for the wind chimes tangled along the roof of the abandoned shed. I listened to their faint music, humming softly. 

Aara!” A voice skipped across the silence, shouting my name.“Aara!” 

I smoothed my fingers along the grooves of my ear lobes, pressing against them to block the sound of my little sister’s voice. 

Aara!” A figure stood in front of me. In her hands laid flush inverted tulips. 

Eshal, go away. I'm tired.” My voice fluttered along the flowers. 

“Mama says we need to go, Aara.” Eshal tugged at my hidden wrists. "We need to go deep in the city today." 

Alright.” I stood up, smoothing down my long skirt and taking her left hand.  

We walked across the small, vert hill, waiting to see the vast forest of rubble and light beige streets. The frayed rubber of my shoes tangled upon the delapitated streets of Tehran. We continued into the city, a place that kept us alive.

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