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Finally my stupid mentoring class on how to get along with my mom is over. “Bye Mackenzie. See you next Thursday, and don’t forget to say hi to your mom. “Ok, see you later Ms.Betty.” I was so happy to be leaving that claustrophobic room that smells like mustard and honey. The tables were all a hundred years old with huge cracks in them. The floors were covered by carpet that was so worn down you could see the concrete underneath them. Every time I walk into that room I shiver and gag. Not to be rude, I just can’t help myself. “Oh and one more thing,” Ms. Betty adds, “Take the long way home today.” What? This was one of the most confusing things she has ever said, but I play along. ”Um yeah, ok.”

After that I quickly leave the room before she can say anything else. It feels good to be able to breathe again. I wait in the lobby for Lisa who is also finishing a mentoring class. “Kenzie!” Lisa said sprinting towards me. “You have a lot of explaining to do! You do realize we live in the same apartment complex right? And I can hear you when you scream at three in the morning! Man I couldn’t go back to sleep. I just sat there freezing cold because our stupid heater broke.” “Sorry, I just had some trouble with my mom. She wouldn’t stop blabbering on about how I was such a slob. “At three in the morning?” She asked. “Lets not get into the details.” “Oh tell me about it.” Lisa sighed.

“Let’s go the long way home.” I suggest. Not because Ms.Betty said so but because I wanted to be away from my mom for as long as possible.  “Good idea.” We walk all the way to the woods. The dirt is still a little wet and sticks on my shoes. We brush all the branches to the side and finally enter the place with a marked path. I was about to go along it when something really shiny was caught in my peripheral vision. “Whoa, Lisa. Did you see that?” “Um...the trees that we pass everyday?” “No! I saw something super shiny over there. Under the leaves.” I start heading towards it when Lisa yells at me. “Mckenzie Fraley get back over here right now!” “Who are you? My Mom?” “Just get back over here. You have no idea what could be over there.” “Then there's only one way to find out.” I whisper brushing the leaves off. Lisa slowly came over, making sure nothing would jump out at her.

“A door?!” Lisa screams. “No way. Do NOT open it!” I rub my hand against the hard old wooden door, surprised I didn’t get splinters. I notice there is a silver rusty lock. I try to open it just to see if it would even budge. To my amazement it came right off. “Of course! The one time I want a lock to work it doesn’t!” “If anything happens to us I’ll take all the blame, I promise.” I ensured her. “Ugh, fine.” “Yes!” I whisper. I slowly open up the door. It cracks, just as I expected. A wave of dust blows in my face. Lisa laughs for a solid minute while I have a coughing fit until I felt like I was going to cough out my heart. “You might find some of your ancestors down there.” Lisa adds over my coughing. I just roll my eyes.

Once the dust clears I notice a ladder. I put my foot down first making sure it’s stable and can support me. Then I slowly make my way down. I get out my phone and turn on the flashlight. I finally reach the ground and to my astonishment it is spot clean. It’s a decent sized room that has bookshelves on every wall. The ceiling is arched and has gold engraved patterns in it. Near the end of the room there was an object that looked like an ornate, ancient pocket watch of some sort. “Kenzie!” Lisa screamed down. “Are you ok? Do you see anything?” “I’m fine! You better get down here!”

I hear a small groan from her but she slowly makes her way down the rickety ladder. “Wow this place is nice!” Lisa says surprised. “I know! Take a look at this.” She sees the watch and her eyes widen. “Can we touch it?” It was locked in a glass box that was placed on top of a sculptured pillar that was a little shorter than me and I’m 5’6. “Doesn’t look too inviting, but it doesn’t hurt to try.” I said as I stood on my tip toes reaching for the glass box. I was able to get the box down from the pillar. I gently set it on the old dented metal table that froze my hands when I touched it. Wow. It was even more detailed once I set it down. It was a rustic gold color and the clock had Roman numerals. The hands of the clock were covered in gold engraved patterns.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.” I whispered. Afraid that someone other than Lisa would hear me. I’m not sure who, I’m not sure what but something isn’t right down here. “What’s wrong, Kenzie?” Lisa asks puzzled. “To be honest, I’m not really sure, but I am sure that if we stay down here any longer we’re toast. We need to leave. Now.” “But we just got down here a-” “NOW. Get the watch and let’s go.” She is about to yell at me but proceeds with what I told her to do. “Got it!” She yells annoyed at me. “Hey! Will you trust me. Please?” “Alright fin-” Lisa began to say but paused when she saw the back of the pocket watch. “What is it? Show me!” I asked eagerly.

She showed the back of the watch to me and her face was still in awe. My eyes got huge. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. How is this even possible? Where there once used to be rustic gold engravings were the words LEAVE. We both took a quick glance at each other and then bolted up the ladder. “Go quicker!” Lisa yelled. “ I don’t wanna die! Not today!” My legs were burning. I finally reached the top and barely had enough strength to help Lisa up. I couldn’t believe it. I dropped to the ground. At this point I didn’t care if the dirt got on me. I lay there breathing so heavily. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. Just then I could smell it. That weird earthy smell like when it just stops raining. But it hadn’t rained a single bit. In fact, the sun was so hot I looked like a water  fountain. I had to rub the sweat off of my face at least ten times to stop it from getting my feet all nasty wet. “Look the pocket watch says EARTHQUAKE.” Liza said puzzled.

Before I could even look, the ground started shaking. My vision blurred and I didn’t even know where I was anymore. No later than twenty seconds the shaking stopped. Now I was the one asking what in the world was going on. “ This thing can predict the future. We should head back to school. You know, to see if anybody else knows what’s going on.” Lisa says, terrified. “Good idea.” I agree with her. We speed walk back into the school. On our way there I notice that there are no footprints where we had walked before. Weird.

We enter the school and see Ms.Betty. “There you are Mackenzie. You’re five minutes late for mentoring but that’s ok. Let’s get started right away.” Lisa and I look at each other with puzzled faces. Mentoring? We just had that. “Oh, and Lisa, Ms.Miller is waiting for you too, down the hall.” We decide not to say anything about what just happened and head into mentoring. Great, I thought I was done for the day, but, I guess not. I enter back into the mustard and honey smelling room. As soon as mentoring ends Lisa and I go outside and take out the watch. “It has got to do something with this.” I say. “Definitely.” Lisa agrees. “Wait! The clock says 4:15. That’s the same time we got out of mentoring around an hour ago. “True! This must mean that time is repeating itself every hour for some reason.” I say excitedly. “We need to get home and see if everything is normal over there still.” “Ok” Lisa agrees. We race back home. Lisa and I enter in our apartments at the same time.

“Tell me anything strange and I’ll do the same. Ok?” I whisper. “Alright.” She responds. I shut the door. Everything is quiet. I look out the window and not a single car on the road. The floor creaks as I walk over to the kitchen. The world fell silent. The T.V was off. Surprising. I walk over to the couch. My feet tingle when I walk on the scratchy worn down rug. I finally get to rest. I turn on the T.V and watch Downton Abbey. I hear I door swing open. “Mackenzie I told you not to watch that if I’m not here!” “I forgot Mom!” “No excuse. Get up and wash the dishes before I make you unload them too.” Ugh. I hate my life.

Right as I’m going to wash the dishes the shaking happens again. I find myself standing outside my door and Lisa outside of hers. “Wow. That was terrible.” Lisa grumbles. “Sure was. We need to do something different. You know to stop this from happening again.” I suggest. “Look the watch says NICE” Lisa says. “Oh great now I have to be nice to her?” “Worth a shot.” I whisper opening the door. Nobody here. Same as last time. I make sure not to watch Downton Abbey and instead I wash the dishes. On the last dish the door swings open. “Hi mom, how was your day?” She looks puzzled. “Good. Did you finish washing the dishes?” “Yes. I was wondering if you wanted to watch Downton Abbey with me.” She still looks puzzled but says yes anyways. Ten minutes later I find myself laughing and eating popcorn while watching Downton Abbey with my mom. Wow. So this is what it feels like to get along with your mom. Cool. Soon the stars poke out of the sky and I’m getting tired. Yes! Time didn’t repeat itself.  

Rriinngg.. Wohoo! It’s finally Friday! I get my bag and lunch and head out the door. I meet Lisa on my way out. “I had the best time with my mom last night. She actually didn’t get mad at me!” I said smiling. “Me too!” Lisa responds happily. The rest of the way to school I thought about how time kept repeating itself. Was someone doing it? Even if they were how? This puzzled me throughout the day.

Once school was over Ms.Betty was standing outside her room. “Hello Mackenzie. Ready for tutoring?” “What? We only have that on Thursdays.” I said confused. Was today really Thursday? Again? I sure hope not. “Today is Thursday right?” I check my phone. “Nope. It’s Friday.” I ensure her by showing her my phone. “Huh. You got along with your mom already?” Ms.Betty whispered. “Excuse me?” I’m startled by hearing this. What does she mean by already? “Come with me Mackenzie. I have a lot to tell you.” I’m still confused. What could she possibly need to tell me?

She takes me outside and I’m grateful that I don’t have to go into that tiny smelly room. “Mackenzie? Why are you out here?” Liza asks. “Come here and be quiet. Ms.Betty has something to tell me.” “Actually It’s for the both of you.” Ms.Betty says. Now Lisa is really listening. “Well you two girls were having troubles with your moms, just like I did. That is until one day when I too found that pocket watch.” “How did you know we found it?” I asked startled. “Well I told you to go the long way home and you did. I made sure to brush the leaves aside just a little so you could see the sparkle and head towards it. And before you ask, yes, I knew that the time kept repeating since it already happened to me when I was your age.” I was shocked by all this information. I had no idea Ms. Betty actually cared for us that much. “The only time that time kept repeating itself was when you were not getting along with your mother's or when you were with me in mentoring class. This way you could learn more from me on how to get along with your moms or have another chance trying to get along with them. That’s why once you two got along with your mom's time didn’t repeat itself because you didn’t need another chance to get along with them. “Wow. So you were in on this whole thing the entire time?” Lisa asked. “Sure was. But only so that you guys could get along and be happy with your mom’s. And look at you two now. Getting along with your mom’s. Feels good. Doesn’t it?” “Sure does. Can’t deny that.” I admit. Lisa shakes her head in agreement. “Now you two, I put the pocket watch back so that other people could be able to have the same chance I did with my mom. Or you guys could keep it to help you later on in life. Your choice.” Ms.Betty says. Me and Lisa look at each other real fast. “Oh we know what we’re going to do with it.” I say smiling.

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