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She creeped around the doorway, peeking her eyes first. The cool floorboards pulsed up and through her tiny toes. She swung her head around to look for the switch that would make the monsters go away. The room illuminated with yellow unnatural light. She thought about it, then decided that was another thing to add to her list of fears. Quickly after, she swung her head back to focus on the problem at hand. It was still black under the bed. She regretted her decision of flipping on the switch because her toes were visible and they now knew that she was there. She decided to forget the stealth plan and bolt. She backed up to the very end of the hallway where her toes didn't touch the rug anymore. She closed her eyes counting five breaths and slowly eased them open. She ran, then she jumped. She made it onto the cushy surface, she was safe….for now.

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