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It’s been that kind of day, where the alarm blares way too early, the food you saved is gone now, eaten by people who you love so much that you end up hating them, the car is freezing, warming up just as you arrive, you take notes in every class, you trip over your own feet in the halls, and it hurts enough that it hurts but you have no excuse to slack, the bell rings and you haven’t zipped your backpack, you slide into a bus seat behind screaming children and before kicking ones, a muddy seat, you hop off the bus and fall in the snow twice, after all day you still have homework, and then you bike down, down to the river, and you stand there watching the moon and stars in the winter sky and know you shouldn’t, because you’ll have to bike home, uphill, you’ll go to bed late and the alarm will go off way too early again, but it’s worth it for the few moments of calm peace when you can forget it all, the whole 23 hours and 55 minutes of misery just so you can stand there and watch for 5.

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