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Modern Pilgrims Naturalized

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´╗┐Luncheon For New Citizens

Thirty-eight residents of Washtenaw County became naturalized citizens of the United States this week. Judge William F. Ager Jr. (center, background) administered the oath of allegiance in his chambers at the County Building.

Mrs. Merle D. Latson (left, foreground) and Mrs. Wallace P. Holcombe (right, foreground), members of the Daughters of American Revolution, assisted as the local chapter held a luncheon for the new citizens after the proceedings.

Modern Pilgrims Naturalized

Thirty-eight residents of Washtenaw County must have experienced many of the same feelings yesterday as the Pilgrims did at the inaugural Thanksgiving feast. They became naturalized citizens of the United States on Wednesday.

Judge William F. Ager, Jr. administered the oath of allegiance to the citizens in the County Building.

The Ann Arbor chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held a luncheon in behalf of the new citizens after the official proceedings.

The new citizens include: Adriano Silvino Caridad Delado-Perez, Esther Maria Calzado and Jorge Nicholas Calzado, Francisco Alvaro Dominguez, all of Cuba; Mary Soo Wah Ho, Ching Wu Tchou and Sin-Lan Tchou, Yam Chiu Leung, York-Peng Edward Yao, Wendy Yu Ma, all of China; Meiko Arashiro Rucker, Eiko Murai Soth, of Japan; Long Cha Veal, Edward Soonchoo Cho, Bin Kim, Stuart Jhung, Young ok Oberhofer, Heiju Oak Packard, all of Korea; Hilda Zahka Maassab, Syria; Vahan Basmajian, Turkey; John Claude Pilotte, Irene Margaret Hurbis, Jane Mary Gay, all of Canada; Paul Alexander Schukow, Ukraine; Klaus Arno Hieber, Germany: Gene Wong, William Arthur Saunders, David Sedgwick Thursby, all of Great Britain; Georges Henri Felix Longree, Jeannine Renee Towler, all of Belgium; Ranjit Tirtha, India; Albert Ravinell, Witnie Green and Natalee Korman Green, all of Republic of Honduras; Ernst Jacob Siegenthaler and Johanna Klare Siegenthaler, both of Switzerland; Valsia Michaels, Greece; Danica Kolic, Yugoslavia.