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Meet “It’s All Write!” 2017 Judge #7: Sonya Mukherjee!

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:22pm by BugsAndSlugs

The seventh judge for this year's “It’s All Write!” Teen Writing Contest and author of Gemini is Sonya Mukherjee. In Sonya’s debut novel, Clara and Hailey are seniors at a small town high school with different interests and dreams. The only problem is that Clara and Hailey are conjoined twins. As the girls begin to question their futures, both separately and together, they must decide whether a risky surgery is the right path.

A Kirkus Reviews best book of 2016, Gemini “will satisfy curiosity about conjoined humans but goes far beyond that to explore issues of identity and relationships important to all teens.” VOYA (starred review)

Stay tuned for more information about “It’s All Write!” Teen Writing Contest 2017 Judges!

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