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Fred Braun & His Horse Pulling Team, August 1936

Fred Braun & His Horse Pulling Team, August 1936 image
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Ann Arbor News, August 26, 1936

Below is shown the team of heavyweights that their owner, Fred E. Braun, whose farm is on US-112, six miles west of Saline, claims its at least one of the strongest, and certainly the best looking team of draught animals, north of the Mason and Dixon line. To get this team fit for the Free Fair contests Mr. Braun is having them skip up and down the lanes of his farm with a 1,000-pound pebble in tow. Mr. Braun says that half of Bridgewater township will be on hand at the Free Fair, pulling for his horse-pullers to win.

Mr. Braun places the value of his team at $765. They are six and seven years old, respectively.

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