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#31 Ann Arbor Stories: The Dictator Comes to Town

When: May 11, 2017

Ann Arbor loves hosting dignitaries, celebrities and heads of state like any other Midwestern city. In 1966, Ann Arbor had the pleasure of hosting newly-elected Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos and his lovely wife Imelda. He wasn't a dictator yet. Hadn't murdered 3,257 of his own people. Tortured 35,000 more. That would come six years later. In 1966, when the president and his wife enjoyed lunch in the Michigan League, they still looked at him like Southeast Asia's JFK, rather than one of the most brutal modern-day dictators.

Music by Ben Benjamin, courtesy of GhoLicense

Parental listener warning: Contains references to torture, murder, beauty pageants and hidden World War II treasure.

See photos from Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos' trip to Ann Arbor in the AADL archives

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May 11, 2017

Contains explicit content

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