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2017 "It's All Write!" Teen Writing Contest


"It's All Write!" Awards Ceremony 2017

569 writers sent their stories to the 2017 "It's All Write!" Teen Writing Contest! Below is a list of the 2017 winners and finalists.

2017 Winners in Flash Fiction:

6th-8th Grade Winners:

1st Lily Patterson "25 Pills"
2nd Madeline Gupta "The Color Blue"
3rd Jeremy Klooster "The Cycle"

9th-10th Grade Winners:

1st Julianna Eng "A Hymn from a Mother"
2nd Seun Ajepe "They Came for My Tusks"
3rd Jessica Xu "The Orange Tree"

11th-12th Grade Winners:

1st Darby Baird "Unseen"
2nd Mackenzie Konschuh "The Monsters in Us"
3rd Miranda McCarthy "Open New File"

2017 Winners in Short Story:

6th-8th Grade Winners:

1st Billie Hoffmann "Dans le Trou de Lapin (Down the Rabbit Hole)"
2nd Delaney Christy "5 Million 270 Thousand Seconds"
3rd Amber Yu "Why I Loved You"

9th-10th Grade Winners:

1st Adam Whitbeck "The Sky and the Land"
2nd Sophie Nadel "The Traveling Hat"
3rd Julia Somma "His & Hers"

11th-12th Grade Winners:

1st Anya Svintsitski "Watchman"
2nd Sara Roza "Leave the Doors Open"
3rd Kaleigh Perkins "California"

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