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Free Bowling for Kids & Families

Fri, 06/25/2010 - 3:56pm


How often do you get to go bowling when the [| Kids Bowl Free]? You and your kids can take advantage of this offer throughout the summer! Lots of bowling lanes across the state are participating, including [|Ypsi-Arbor Bowling], [| Bel Mark Lanes] and [| Colonial Lanes]. Need more info? [| This link] will explain it all. Before you go, brush up on your [| skills] by watching this DVD! Personally, I like to use [|
bumpers] when I bowl...


A perfect time to confirm that Wii bowling has made me capable of consistently scoring in the 220s!

How cool! And, by the way, I found out the last time I went bowling that the Wii DID in fact help my score (not quite as inflated as in the game though).

I did OK bowling on Wii, but the 'Mii's' observing in the bowling alley frequently had to jump out of the way to avoid my errant bowling ball. Thankfully this hasn't happened in real life...yet.