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New TV Shows @ AADL, Pt 2.

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 11:58am by manz

The library is always acquiring additional TV shows and new seasons of them, be they popular, new, or classics. Here are more new-to-AADL series:

The State, The Complete Series
One of the sharpest, funniest, and most underrated shows of the '90s. A comedic gem that rocked Generation X with slapstick, smarts, and witty sarcasm. Originally broadcast on MTV!

The Syndicate, Series 1
Five poor workers in a supermarket in Leeds whose lives turn upside down after they jointly win the lottery.

Striking Out, Series 1
When Tara discovers her fiancé and fellow solicitor Eric has been cheating with a colleague, she leaves him and their prestigious law firm to set up her own practice specializing in family and divorce law. Working alongside her new team, including mentor and friend Vincent and tech guru and private detective Meg, Tara's cases will put her in direct conflict with influential families and the legal and political establishment as well as challenging her own personal morals.

The Art of More, Season 1
The show exposes the crime and intrigue behind the glamorous facade of New York auction houses.

Queen Sugar, Season 1
After a family tragedy forces them back together, the Bordelons must navigate the triumphs and struggles of their complicated lives in order to run an ailing sugarcane farm in the Deep South. Produced by Oprah Winfrey, award winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and Melissa Carter.

Divorce, Season 1
A refreshingly honest new half-hour comedy series about the never-ending process of unwinding a marriage.

Fore more TV shows, be sure to check out AADL’s lists for HOT TV shows, as well as NEW TV shows.


Nice this new T.V shows are really interesting.
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I already watch these TV show regularly. This show is really interesting and also congratulation for your new TV show.
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