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Barton Boat Club Skippers Mend Sails, April 1962

Barton Boat Club Skippers Mend Sails, April 1962 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 5, 1962
Sail Mending: Many sail parties are planned this month in preparation for the opening race in May. Assembled on the boathouse Barton Boat club skippers, gathered to mend the sail of a fellow member, are (left to right) Harry P. Hawkins, Commodore Brian McCabe, Dean Willard Olson, Robert Leary and Dr. William Grabb, racing chairman, and his son David. Rhodes Bantams and Snipes are the two main classes of boats on Barton Pond. The Snipe has 117 square feet of sail in the main and overlapping jib and the Rhodes Bantam has 125 square feet of sail. That's a lot mending, men!

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