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Wonder Woman!!!

Fri, 06/02/2017 - 5:08pm by PizzaPuppy

The new Wonder Woman movie hits theaters today! This demigoddess, superhero and warrior princess has been delighting audiences since 1941 and has had a huge cultural impact across the globe. We have TONS of Wonder Woman materials for all age groups here at AADL to help you celebrate Princess Diana of Themyscira's first feature length movie.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman Unbound both give us an in-depth look at the history of Wonder Woman and her impact on popular culture throughout the years.

Although this is her first foray into the world of feature films, Wonder Woman has previously graced the screen in many different TV shows and movies. There are several animated movies, including the 2017 Wonder Woman film and the 2008 Wonder Woman film. The Wonder Woman TV series ran for three years (Seasons 2 and 3 are available here at AADL as well). Wonder Woman has also been featured in many Justice League and Super Friends films and television shows, as well as her cameo in the recent Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (played by Gal Gadot in the cameo as well as in the newly released movie).

We have tons of Wonder Woman materials for kids! There is a lengthy Wonder Woman chapter book series, with titles like The Fruit of All Evil, Creature of Chaos, and Trial of the Amazons, and a graphic novel called DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths. We have stand-alone chapter books like Amazon Warrior and Wonder Woman vs. Circe. Younger readers may enjoy the Readers Wonder Woman to the Rescue and Warrior for Justice, while babies may enjoy the DC Super Friends Lift-the-Flap book. The DC Super Hero Girls movie: Hero of the Year features Wonder Woman as well.

Teens will want to take a look at the Superman/Wonder Woman series (with Vol 2, Vol 3 and Vol 4). Our most recent additions include The Legend of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League America Vol. 1, Wonder Woman by Mike Deodato, and Wonder Woman Vol. 1 by Greg Rucka. Other teen titles include The Hiketeia, The True Amazon, Down to Earth, The Circle, and Bitter Rivals.

Adults have plenty to choose from as well, with many of the titles released recently, such as Wonder Woman: Vol 1 The Lies and Wonder Woman, Earth One Vol 1. We have the full series by Brian Azzarello, comprised of Vol 1: Blood, Vol 2: Guts, Vol 3: Iron, Vol 4: War, Vol 5: Flesh, and Vol 6: Bones. Older series on hand at AADL include Wonder Woman: Odyssey Vol 1 and Love and Murder.

For more awesome Wonder Woman materials, take a look at this public list.



Thanks for this list! Have been a fan of Wonder Woman from the original comics and reruns of tv show when I was a kid. Loved the new movie!

The new Wonder Woman movie is good. We went to the drive in in Plymouth and it was a fun summer thing to do.

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