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Nerd Nite A2: Top of the Park Edition!


Thursday June 22, 2017: 7:00pm to 9:00pm  Add to Calendar


The Annex - Top of the Park


Ann Arbor's favorite thinking and drinking event comes to Top of the Park! Join us for Nerd Nite Ann Arbor in the Annex for a series of short, irreverent, informative, and above all, nerdy, talks on topics ranging from Ann Arbor history to Twitter escapades.

Speakers will include:
Ann Arbor Stories: The Red Light District
There was a time in Ann Arbor’s history when the Fourth Avenue area of downtown was known as the red light district. Lined with prostitutes, adult bookstores and massage parlors, Ann Arbor’s red light district was presided over by the Pied Piper of Porn, Terry Whitman Shoultes. Take a trip into the seedy underbelly of Ann Arbor’s dirty past.

About Rich Retyi and Brian Peters: These gents produce Ann Arbor Stories, a podcast featuring stories from Ann Arbor’s distant and not so distant past. Rich runs digital and social media strategy for the University of Michigan hospitals and enjoys writing, playing with his kids, and Friday beers. Brian is the Operating Officer for Ghostly International, a multi-platform cultural curator and record label, as well as co-owner of local indie label, Quite Scientific; he enjoys fishing, camping, mustard, and surprise surprise – Friday beers.

@Britain: A Tale of Mistaken Identity on Twitter
Britain Woodman is a guy who lives in Ann Arbor. He is not an island (no man is), not a kingdom (united or otherwise), though some (just his mom) might call him great. He does, however, have the handle "@Britain" on Twitter. This leads to some hysterical exchanges - hysterical as in humorous, and hysterical as in uncontrolled extreme emotion in other cases. (See: Brexit.) Join us for a tour through the strange and wonderful world of @Britain's mentions.

About Britain: Britain Woodman grew up in Ann Arbor, moved away for a few years (for work), and came back at the beginning of this decade (also for work). He met (and hugged) two of the Last Poets at Rick’s, and the others are probably a little jealous. He writes about the Ann Arbor retail space scene at Check him out @Britain.

It's going to be a great night, so grab a friend, make sure they are a nerd, and come on out to enjoy a night among your (our) people.

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