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AADL & TheRide Offer Free Ride Saturdays With Your Library Card

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 2:51pm by TimG

AADL and the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) are partnering this summer to provide Free Ride Saturdays during the AADL Summer Game!

Every Saturday from June 17 - August 26, library cardholders can ride any of TheRide local fixed-route buses for free. All you need to do is show the driver your library card when boarding the bus!

While riding, look for the AADL Summer Game code sign inside the bus and win 1,000 points to trade in for awesome Summer Game Shop prizes. Each bus has the same code inside the bus, so it's easy to find! When you see it, text the code to 4AADL (42235) or visit to enter the code and get 1,000 points.

TheRide and AADL have created fun ways to get even more Summer Game prizes:

  • Find the code featured on the outside of several buses for 500 points.
  • Find the code hidden on on the MyAlerts Service page (which you can get to by clicking on "All Alerts" directly from the homepage) for 500 points.

Find all the codes to earn the Ride Master Badge and a 500 point bonus!

The AADL Summer Game is a great way to enjoy your summer and to ride TheRide for free! For more information on TheRide's routes and schedules, pick up a Ride Guide or visit


Does anyone see the AAATA ( All Alerts Summer Game code?
I followed the instructions, and didn't find it on that page...

It's very possible that it won't be out until tomorrow (Friday) since that's the official start of the game.

It's really great that the library's arranged these free Saturday rides though. :) I don't live on a bus route, but I'd definitely be taking advantage if I did!

From last week's blog post

Just open in your browser as soon as June 16 hits and then feverishly refresh every half second or so until that GO! post goes live and then little boy, you're a man, little man, you're a king!


Hi there! They bus code isn't up and ready yet - the first badges are dropped this evening and there will be more details about how that works!

Wow this is very convenient...I just got a new library card.

Thank you, AATA, for giving these free rides.
Thank you, AADL, for the long-awaited Summer Game!

Me too

Thank you for doing this AATA and AADL! I love riding the bus, finding codes, and going to the library!

This is awesome! We rode last year once and we had such a fun time meeting new people on the bus! :)

We tried this out yesterday, and it worked great for getting down to A2CAF! My son felt super excited and empowered having his own card to be able to get on. And he loved it! Thanks AADL and The Ride!!

I am continually amazed by what the AADL is able to offer to the community. The gold standard, for sure! This is a great idea and cheers for putting it together.

Stuck at a red light on the corner of State and Hill, when what should pass by but a bus with the code on the outside! It was in HUGE letters, big enough to be seen while the bus was in motion.

I felt quite lucky to see it on day three of the summer game, because last summer, I didn't spot one until late August.

So keep your eyes peeled, summer gamers! The buses are out there.

I found it exactly where it said it would be. It's in blue letters. I would try again and double check that maybe the timing was right. :)
The weird thing is I found this badge on the drop page but its not on my badge page. Something might not be a skew.

I haven't used The Ride yet since moving to Ann Arbor last fall. Is it pretty kid friendly? That is, will everyone on the bus give me stink-eye as I try to get my wiggly crew on and off?

@TainaMPrice The buses are EVERYONE friendly! There are families with children on the buses all the time - as are teens, adults of all ages and well, EVERYONE. It's always fun to people watch out the window and keep cool with their AC!

Free rides on the bus with your library card is fantastic! I've always wanted to take my kids for a bus ride! A grand adventure and learning experience. Thank you AADL and TheRide!

Such a great, great idea! Along with Civ City these badges are the most useful.

AAATA and AADL working together simply rocks!

My friend code is: SWEET646

Thanks for the AATA swag in the Summer Game Shop!!

One & all -- please add me as a friend. My code is: SWEET646

This is such a great idea. I kept looking for reasons to ride the bus on Saturdays, but could never find one. Maybe next year!


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