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Make It Happen: 2010 Summer Reading Game Has Begun

by sherlonya

This year the theme for AADL’s summer reading program is Make it Happen. All summer long we will offer a variety of hands-on programs. Whether you’re hoping to learn more about making jewelry, listen to concerts, play games, or check out material, you can make it happen at AADL this summer.

All ages are invited to play the summer reading game (June 18-August 13). The youth game includes incentive stickers, stamps and prizes along the way to reading or listening to 10 books. Teens have many choices of activities to complete the game and become eligible for a prize drawing. Adults, yes, there are prizes and drawings for you too.

At the end of the day, we hope you have fun this summer, and we want to be a part of that fun! You can even register right now! We hope to see you soon.

We also thank the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library for their generous support of the summer reading program.



I've been doing the summer reading program since I was 5. I read all, the time, but for those of you who don't, this is a great way to start.

It's so great to see how many people have signed up for Summer Reading! And how cool are the dragons? I especially love the one at Malletts.

This year's reading program has been one of the best! I hope that next year's will be just as good or even better.

I LOVE the teen reading program! There is so much cool stuff to do besides just reading a book. I have done five (this comment is my sixth) things already! And I signed up yesterday.

i am doing this too!!!! i am writing a comment for the fill out sheet!!!! this is so cool go to the library and sign up now!!!! it is a great way to not get bored this summer!!! : )

Well, like everyone said, the summer reading program is great.^^ I do it every summer. Also, people, this is not just for kids! Adults can sign-up too! The prizes are great, and for the teen game you can do things other than reading, such as watching YouTube or Hulu for an hour and posting a comment on the AADL blog (like I'm doing now). :P Hope everyone have a great summer this year, and JOIN THE SUMMER READING PROGRAM if you haven't already!^^

reading program is really fun. I love to read. I have done this program since i was little.

I love doing the summer reading program because I always read during the summer and this gives me more things to do besides just reading. yay!!

The teen reading program is great! You can win lots of cool prizes by doing what you like to do!

I think the summer reading program is a great way to get people to read more during the summer. I know I have certainly read more than I usually do.

I just finished The Unauthorized Autobiography by Lemony Snicket and really enjoyed it. So do your self a favor and read it!
naSEEm age①① ✌

I'm so grateful that my library has a reading program for teens and adults! All the ones at book stores only go up to age twelve.

Thank you so much for this reading and library game this year! I only hope the reviews I am writing are helpful to other patrons.

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