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2017 Midlands / Northern Conference: Energize Your Recording Volunteers: Tips for Producing Magazines in the Digital Talking-Book Format Presented by Chris Mundy

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 1:13pm

When: June 8, 2017 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

On June 6-8, 2017, the Washtenaw Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled hosted the 2017 Midlands/Northern Conference, hosting representatives from Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Ann Arbor. The conference focused on the future direction of library services for the blind & physically disabled and preparation for the changes ahead.

In this talk, Chris Mundy, Quality Assurance Specialist for Multi-State Center East, discusses the process of producing audio versions of magazines for distribution via the LBPH's Digital Talking-Book format.

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June 8, 2017 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Length: 00:46:54

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2017 LBPH Midlands/Northern Conference