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Badge Drop #4: Drop til you SHOP!

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 6:04pm

The world is full of pesky price tags, but we believe that there are some things in the world so BONKERS AWESOME that money just can't buy 'em! Like SPACESHIPS, SUPERNOVAS, SHINY POKEMON, BASICALLY ALL CATS and a whole mess of other things that are PRICELESS and IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH!

You see, here in the Official Summer-Game-Bubble-of-Bonkers-Awesomeness (working title) we don't think you need to have FUNDS to have FUN, so put away your wallets! Toss out your tender! Because NOW for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can feast your eyes on this excellent selection of deluxe edition, top-of-the-line, high quality, grass-fed, free range, featherlight, waterproof, weatherproof, whatever-forever-and-ever-proof BADGES!

2017 Badge Drop #4
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For the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING these beautiful badges could be YOURS, shopper! Branch Explorer Badges are on SALE for just ten quick-and-easy payments of ZIPTY-TWO doubloons! Monsters and majestic cakes and high-flying females are half-off of ZILCH MONIES! And this fine selection of Spectacular Event Badges that you can get just for horsing around outdoors at our SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR on July 15th, well those are ALL ON CLEARANCE and you can have 'em, you clever bargain-hunting haggler, you, for just BUPKIS PLUS TAX!


This Friday also marks the momentous and much-awaited SUMMER GAME SHOP OPENING DAY--an event that is SURE to happen at a RANDOM FUTURE TIME that has yet to be determined but might almost certainly possibly totally be TODAY!

So earn yourself some POINTS, then point yourself toward the shop (or the Get Started page if you're a newbie) for AMAZING AADL PRIZES!



I'm late to the Game this year, but very excited for the shop to open!!
Also, add me if you didn't last year


Thanks! The incredible Branch Explorer badges and all of this year's official Summer Game art were made by Ann Arbor artist Jeremy Wheeler, and I'm sure he'll be super pleased with the compliment!

WOW!!! That's a whole lot of badges!!!! I look forward to owning them ALL!!!! AND THE SUMMER GAME SHOP IS OPEN!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Also please friend my family:
And best friends:

Thanks for friending if you did!!!!! Also, its more important to friend my friends cause my family already has enough followers!!!!!!!!

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the unequal sequels 2 badge and I need help finding the second codeword
Thanks for the help

I think something is wrong with the Ann Arbor Stories 3 badge. I've entered all three codes and they were accepted by the system with the message "good listening," but it is still showing that I am missing the third code. Though two people have earned the badge, so maybe I am doing something wrong? Anyway, I would appreciate it if an admin could take a look at it.

Lmd3577 - I posted some info about that badge in the Badge Drop 2 thread. I think it may be what you need.


Correction: It was on the Badge Drop 3 thread. (Is it really already the fourth week of the summer? That went fast!)

I'm glad the branch explorer badges are up- the Downtown Branch was driving me nuts! I can't wait to get started on the new group of web search badges, too, and the explorer badges near where I work. Fridays are the best days!

Thanks for showing us how much free fun can be had, and helping young ones learn to do Web research.

my creation is so beautiful

also there are some services that do sell shiny pokemon.
shiny, custom names, nature, ivs, evs, movesets, even original trainer names, everything you want for a pokemon these guys will do it.

I'm glad to see the branch explorer badges up. I have only been able to find 7 of the 10 in my local branch so far.


Should be all fixed now, Valerie! Next time you have a scoring event it should award you the badge! If it still doesn't, send a contactus and we'll take another look!


Thanks Andrew! Now the Ann Arbor Stories 3 badge says that I've entered all three codes, but it still says that I don't have the badge. Could you check it again? Thanks!

The Trustig Lustig badge shows that I found all 5 codes but also indicates that I haven't won the badge. I think this may be a bug that needs to be fixed.

@valeriemates & @mickplu

looks like you are both all set now! thanks for letting us know about those!


Naverick22, I just completed your badge. You can tell you put a lot of work into it and it was well crafted. Congrats.

This is our first year doing the summer games online, and the whole family is having a ton of fun! Not that we need more reasons to visit our libraries

to the players who've earned the Flying Housewife badge: for the third code could you please give me a hint of how many words the phrase needed is? I've listened to the relevant section a dozen times and have tried numerous permutations unsuccessfully, so I am not sure what the clue wants. The date doesn't seem to be it, so I'm not sure what is.

have tried month with both ordinal and cardinal spelled out. Do I need year even though it's not mentioned?

Kathscot, this one had me pulling my hair out too. Spell the month and then spell the date (such as (you have to add a "th" to the number/word

Just a note about the Coachman badge:

When searching the first clue on Google, two different years came up. Specifically, Google seemed to disagree with Wikipedia. After much futile searching, I realized that Wikipedia had a different year and then had no further problems.

The Larry Page badge almost stumped me! If anyone else is having trouble with it, take heart: the answers are out there. And I really did learn a lot from my futile attempts to (ahem) google some of the answers, before I stumbled upon the right ones. Good job, badge designers!

Thanks, mikplu and keebs23
I finally got it. I'd misheard the phrase (repeatedly) probably because the chime covered it a bit.

I entered the codes for the Malletts Creek Master badge on the first day of the summer game. It awarded me points then, and says now that I have all the codes, but it still will not award me the badge. Can you help/

Anyone who had all the codes for a building before the badge dropped, all you need to do is score any points to trigger the badge check! So, log some reading, comment on a new post, rate an item; anything that gets you points will trigger a badge check and catch you up. Hope that helps!

I need help with Printing XYZ 4th code. I do not know what to look for. The description has no question

did anyone else notice that the Playing the Ponies badge says: "Started in April 1960, the Pony Express was actually a set of stations set up across the frontier starting in St. Joseph, Missouri, and ending in San Francisco where a rider with a mail pouch could switch horses or hand the pouch off to another rider." 1960! haha oops!

Having some trouble on the elementary school portion of the Coachman badge, any hints? I've tried everything and I'm still clueless

Can anyone help with the Little Bots badge second code? It's the last one I need for this badge! I've tried searching for "Art and Adventure", "Art & Adventure", "Art and Adventure: Little Robot Flies Away", "Ben Hatke: Art and Adventure", and "Art and Adventure Ben Hatke's blog". None have turned up a result with a Summer Game code. Not even the Art of Adventure book, which I was sure would be the one! I even tried the name as a game code, instead of searching the catalog. Nothing's working. Where am I going wrong?

@ jgerman79

The catalog item is well beyond the first 10 search results. The wording in the hint will help you figure out which item (all caps usually indicates the clue).

I wonder how much circulation increases during the summer game? EVERY time I search the catalog I add new books to my request or wishlist!

stuck on the 5th code for Google It...feeling like I must be missing something really obvious...anyone have any tips?

I love the summer games so much! It's really good at encouraging me to read and go to the library!
Also, my friend code is START643

Can somebody help me with first code for Playing the ponies? I thought I had the right guy, but his horse names don't help me.

@palanijr Not sure how you got to Hugo. You're looking for a robot movie. According to the hint, a robot movie with Ally Sheedy in it. I'll add, it's not movie number 5 in the list!


The clue is referring to Google's wireless service.


The name of the horse ridden by the fictionalized version of a real wild guy in an old TV show.

Thx for the new 'Exploration' badges. My friend and I love going on walking tours of A2. We completed the Barton Pond and 'Art' badges. We especially like the challenge of the 'I Spy' badges. Hats off to the badge creators!
Many thanks,

Went on vacation last week.
On the way home my husband said: are you excited to get back to the Summer Games?
Ummmm- YES!


I know that feels... Last summer I went on an Alaskan cruise which took me offline for the better part of a week, but as soon as we disembarked on Saturday I was on the AADL site looking at the Friday badge drop I missed.

Are there any ways to link the books I check out through Overdrive and download and read on my Kindle to the game?

(PS- This is SO much fun!)

For the 4th code to the Printing XYZ badge: I have no idea what the perfect food is and the hint is no help. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Now the third code for The Flying Housewife is driving me crazy. I've tried everything I can think of.

OK, I finally got the two badges I was having trouble with this evening. The housewife one was thanks to the comments here. The other one was dumb luck. I have to say, the person who made the printing badge has a distinctive style that has been very frustrating. Oh well.

Need help finding the first code of the Printing XYZ Badge. Know what the acronym stands for but not sure
What I should be looking for.

@khamidi The time varies, but I'm sure the new badge drop will be up at some point today. To be honest, it's probably best if it comes a little bit later, as I've still got a few hours of work ahead of me! Yet there goes my refresh button... :-)

I am working on the unequal sequels 2 badge and I can't find the first code. I know the movie, I can find the artist and her album but I can't find that code! Any hint would be appreciated, I'm sure I'm missing something simple.



@karenkay I did get the code and, looking at the text that popped up when I did (as well as the original clue), I reckon that you're looking in the right place. I wonder if it somehow disappeared? Sorry I can't be of more help; maybe someone else remembers?

Playing The Ponies was a little rough, but it's satisfying to finally have it finished. And now I'm ready for today's badge drop (minus the exploration badges).

I'm struggling with the crafty badge clue one. Any suggestions? I'm not a computer major.

@Thomas B Brown

The file extension used is a three letter acronym. The code is the full three-word phrase.

Hey everyone put your friend code in you nickname so people can add you and you both get points.


I never get tired of badges!!!

Anyone, everyone -- please add me: my friend code is: SWEET646

@keebs. Thanks.

Any suggestions for the third google It code? V****C*** and V****C***s isn't working.

I'm still stuck on Google It code 3. He lost his voice when his v****c****s were paralyzed. What am I missing?

Google code 3

You have the correct answer. Check your spelling. I copied and pasted from Wikipedia, and the spelling was incorrect.

Can someone help me with Little Bots clue #4? I can't find the song they are talking about :(

I'm stuck on the school clue for Alice Coachman. I feel like I've tried everything. Any suggestions?

@kerstinrh Look at her Wikipedia Page, it has the specific school. Also, don't look up -------- ------- Elementary School, just -------- --------.

I was going crazy over the same thing. I'll bet you're doing what I did and already have the last code. What I FINALLY just realized (after spending way too much time on it), is that the forth code is not for a Little Robot character, but for the character talked about in the clue, from the movie that gave you the third code. That didn't come out as clear as I'd have liked, but good luck!

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