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Summer Game Spectacular Spectacular Countdown- T Minus 1 Day!

Tue, 07/11/2017 - 3:14pm by evelyn

HOLY JUMPIN’ JIMINY, BATMAN! It’s almost time for the Summer Game Spectacular! We are so excited over here that we can barely stand it! Except we have to stand it, because we have to get ready to host all of you at the most AMAZING EVENT OF THE SUMMER! In fact, we might just call this the most amazing event of any summer! What about the Olympics, you ask? Ha! Do the Olympics have Mini Ping Pong? No! They just have regular ping pong AKA table tennis AKA no fun at all! Burning Man? Does Burning Man have GIANT CONNECT 4? I don’t know! Maybe! They have a lot of weird stuff. BUT you’d have to fight off 65,000 dusty hippies to play it and that would be NO FUN! Lollapalooza? More like Yawnapalooza!

So now that we’ve convinced you that no other event is even worth thinking about going to, why should you come to the Summer Game Spectacular? Well, do you like the CIRCUS? Even better, a CIRCUS with no trained animals, so you don’t have to feel guilty about loving it!? OF COURSE YOU DO!

What about games? Do you like games? Of course you do! You’re not a monster! Unless you are one of our friendly picnicking monsters, in which case, welcome! In either case, where else are you going to see AN ENTIRE BASEBALL FIELD jam-packed with our amazing outdoor game collection?!

Also, what does your face look like RIGHT NOW? Is it as plain as plain oatmeal? As plain as a low-salt saltine? Come get it painted by a WORLD CLASS FACE PAINTER and worry no more!

Did all that talk of oatmeal and low-salt saltines (can you believe that’s even a thing?!!) make you hungry? Why don’t you hop outside and order some delicious food from a foodtruck? Oh there’s no food truck right outside your door? NEVER FEAR! Come to the Summer Game Spectacular and eat your heart out!

And how about points? We KNOW you love points! And badges! Well look no further! The Summer Game Spectacular will boast not one, not two, but FIVE badges! Just think of all the AMAZING ITEMS you’ll be able to buy from the Summer Game Shop with all those points!

So have you gotten all of this?! We’re inviting you to a HUGE PARTY where you can PLAY GAMES, WATCH A CIRCUS, HAVE YOUR FACE PAINTED, and then earn points to spend on COOL PRIZES?! No library would be crazy enough to do all of that! It would be just TOO MUCH FUN! Or maybe… it would be JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FUN!

From 1:00 - 4:00 PM come one, come all, to party with us at the Summer Game Spectacular, this Saturday, July 15th, at Veterans Park! We'll be at the baseball field and the softball field closest to the dirt parking lot off of Maple, next to the Skate Park. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!


This sounds so FREAKING AMAZING!!!! We will be out of town, major BUMMER!

Our family can't wait (but we're glad it's JULY 15 - not June as stated above)! *Sorry, my mom was an English major. I guess some of it rubbed off on me!*

Yikes! Right you are! Our excitement clearly wiped the calendar right OUT OF OUR BRAINS! Thanks for the correction!!!

My friend and I are SO EXCITED that she actually CANCELLED OTHER PLANS to attend the Summer Game-PALOOZA! Can't wait!

I wish we could come, but we're out of the country right now. Alas, maybe next year. Will this be happening next year? I hope so.

This is rather ambitious (is it new?) and I'm really excited to try my hand at some of the giant games. Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend!

I love this!!! Sounds amazing and I cannot wait to welcome all the fabulous summer game players at the park!!!

Which part of Vets Park? Reading between the lines I suspect most of the action will be on one of the baseball/softball fields, but which one? Will the food trucks be in the Maple Road parking lot as they are for skatepark events?

Spectacular Spectacular!
No words in the vernacular
Can describe this great event.
We'll see you under your tent!

We are so excited! Going to Ride the Ride and be there right when it starts!

We're so excited that you're all so excited! We'll be at the baseball field and the softball field closest to the dirt parking lot off of Maple, next to the Skate Park. The food trucks will be in that parking lot and we'll have fun set up everywhere! We'll see you there!

I hadn't even thought about parking, but if the food trucks are going to be set up in a parking lot I think I might take the bus down instead! Thank you for pointing that out; it'll save some headaches for sure on Saturday.

Looking forward to checking it out for the first time!





Does it make me a bad person to sort of resent the fact that I need to go to a wedding tomorrow and therefore can't come to this with the kids?

This sounds like great good fun. I wonder what distinguishes a WORLD CLASS face painter from an ordinary one? I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Hey MeganH, I'm not one to discourage bus riding, but for the skate park events that included food trucks they didn't need the entire parking lot. (Plus the parking at the shopping center across the street is never full.)

I so wish I could go! Unfortunately, I have a conference to attend...:(


Thanks for a fun afternoon. We discovered some new games and made a list of the ones we want to check out later.

The heat and humidity really got to me and I had to go home earlier that I'd planned, unfortunately...

Loved all the freakin free codes! Also loved the circus performers and games. Thank you, AADL!

So many gamers came out for this! It wasn't surprising to see so many in A2 out because they love summer game...because how can you not love it?! But the activities and engagement of our library-goers makes showing up to AADL events addictive. Thanks, AADL!

@Zekicmom - no more than it makes me a bad person for resenting the fact that I had a family reunion and couldn't go either!

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You should do this one more time before the Summer Game ends next month, please!!

One and all -- please friend me: SWEET646

This was such an awesome event and I had a lot of fun attending it. The Acrobats and the giant Jenga were by far my favorite part!


This was the highlight of the summer games for us. It's all amazing, but I love the large community events most!

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