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Badge Drop #5: Badge Drop Spectacular!!

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 7:02pm by Sara W

Happy Summer Game Spectacular Eve, everyone! This is the day BEFORE the day we have all been waiting for! Tomorrow is the SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR at VETERANS PARK!

There's gonna be points! There's going to be jaw-dropping, hair-raising AERIAL ENTERTAINMENT!!! There's gonna be GIANT GAMES - Tumble Towers and Connect 4 and CHECKERS! There's gonna be metal detectors AND METAL TO DETECT! There's gonna be FACE PAINTING, PHOTO BOOTHS, and FRIENDS - with FRIEND CODES!!!! HULA HOOPS! BUBBLES! FOOD TRUCKS! There will be PEOPLE, PLACES, AND THINGS! All the nouns! All the verbs! Adverbs, even!! Yes! Excitedly we tell you, also, POINTS!

But of course, that's all happening JULY 15.

And here we are on JULY 14. It's only Summer Game Spectacular EVE! You probably won't be able to fall asleep tonight thinking of the AMAZING SUMMER SPECTACLE awaiting you on Saturday from 1-4 pm. So, since you've got some hours to kill before the POINTS-AND-FUN-BONANZA that will be the Summer Game Spectacular, here are some BADGES FOR YOU!!!!

2017 Badge Drop #5
echo theme_summergame_badge(1418,1423,1429,1419,1426,1421,1424,1420,1428,1427,1422,1425,1406,1405,1404,1403,1391);

So badge it up, beloved Gamers! We'll see YOU tomorrow at Veterans Park. Bring suncreen and friends with you to the Spectacular, but no need to bring extra AWESOME, we'll have PLENTY of it there for you.



Me too

If anyone is interested in learning more about Orson Welles after doing the badge, the Special Collections Library at UM has several collections of his papers!

The ghost badges are fun, I've always found the paranormal interesting. Also, the dessert badges are making me hungry. Time to do some baking!
Friend Code: BOOK447

Is Eugenie's Sharks badge clue #two working properly? Pretty sure I have the right -ology, I know it just came out, but it says only 1 person has it and I know lots of people jump on the badges the moment they're released.

I wish I could go. We only have one car and my husband has to do a meeting an hour away. Oh well I'll just collect some more badges.

I also am wondering about the Eugenie badge clue 2.
Also, not all the badges shown here are showing up when I select the badge list from my summer game page. Maybe will show up later?

No place to comment about the Shop. My order came in today and already I want to order more stuff.

We're stuck on the third Eugenie badge. Found the two names - C------ and J---, but not finding the the code. Help please! Thanks, FOOD369

Love the explorer badges!
Just FYI on the island park badge with the link saying you can do the 2015 canoe art explorer badge. If you enter the code for the 2015 it says it's expired :(

Summer Spectacular Scoresweeper Isn't showing as awarded even though all other badges are earned

Edit: it is working properly now

freopt It wasn't working before it is now. You should get one book result if u have it right

I went to the spectacular and was kind of disappointed -- I thought that more points would be available for summer game players to acquire...

Had a GREAT time at the summer spectacular! Sooooo many points to collect. The circus show was amazing and HOW COOL is the library to provide water to KEEP US COOL. Reusable cups, even. No waste! That was truly spectacular.

I have all the spectacular badges but I don't have scoresweeper. Does anyone know why?
OK I got it right after I commented.

Hm, I too am having trouble with the Summer Spectacular Scoresweeper badge. I have all the necessary badges, and it even says that I'm 100% of the way to the badge, but no badge. I've waited several hours but it still hasn't gone through. Anything you can do, oh amazing aadl techies?

Gotta say, with all the codes and badges and all, I'm impressed that I hardly ever run into a hiccup like this. So bravo all you summer game powers that be! The Summer Game is one of my favorite things about summer (after the nice weather ;) )

Edit: My badge was awarded just after commenting as well. Either you PTB are REALLY on top of things, or it just needed another points award to trigger it. So anyone else having trouble, just do something to get you some points!

The game spectacular really was wonderful, particularly great to see how many people came out!!! I loved getting to see all those games. I am glad that Summer Game staff thought big this year: We are way beyond small cookie parties -- this was Summer Game sized fun. Thank you for understanding how much fun we want to be having with other gamers. And members of our family! :) And the circus was great.

Woohoo! New Badges! I'm really excited to get working on them!


This is weird. While we were entering friend codes when all of a sudden (and NOT on the first one at all), a message popped up that one person had earned the Summer Spectacular Scoresweeper badge. We hadn't entered the codes for it....and the badge isn't showing on anyone's account!

THEN I entered all the codes and earned the four badges, but none of us has the Summer Spectacular Scoresweeper badge despite having the four mini badges:
Your Player Progress: 100% (4 / 4 badges earned)
You have not yet earned this badge

I will contact the library about it, but wanted to post as well.

Also -- Could people please double check their friend codes listed? I have tried entering three this morning that are not actual, working codes.

Me too

I am stuck on the Eugenie's Sharks Badge third code!! I found the names of the two brothers (C*****s and J**n) and have tried every possible combination of their names and last name and lots more and I have found nothing. Could someone please help me? Thank you so much!!



Search for their first names (WITHOUT a conjunction) in the catalog and then HUNT down the item that has the code. Good luck!

i just got my 1st web badge! (and my first comment)

My son, 5yo, just did his first web search badge (with my help of course) and typed the comment above. He really enjoyed it! He's begging to do another!

As several of you have noticed - if you haven't gotten a badge that you KNOW you have earned please just do ANOTHER SCORING ACTION - enter another code, record something you read, tag an item, check out ANYTHING that earns you points- and that's what triggers the badge awarding. Thanks for playing!
- erin

TO @ sseaver - The 2015 Island River Art Game Code has been FIXED - enter it again and you should be all set! Thanks for letting us know and for playing!
- erin


To all the summer gamers out there I am working on the "Little Bots" badge and I need help finding the very last code word so I can get the badge. I have plugged in every consivable anwser I can think of to no avail. I am hoping you can help me with some more clues to help me find the very last code word.
Thanks so much for the help

FYI: Code #4 in the 2016 Centennial Celebration badge does not work (no longer valid). Could this be fixed?

Can we still do the old Line It Up badges? I tried to enter a code for Field Lines from last year, and it said it expired on Sept 1, 2016.

Having trouble on Google It #3. I found the (2 word) body part on the Wiki page, but entering it isn't working nor is searching it in the catalog. I tried plural and singular forms.
Any hints for me?

@ google badge

Check your spelling. I cut and pasted from Wikipedia, and the body part was spelled incorrectly. Its probably what you think it is.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on Euginenes sharks badge and I am having trouble finding the third code word so I am hoping that some of you gamers out there can help me find the third code word.
Thanks so much for the help

Hi Summer Gamers

Having trouble finding the 3rd game code for the Google it badge. I know
what was paralyzed but entering it in as a game code doesn't work.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I'm having trouble with the second code of the Google It badge. Any hints? Thanks in advance!


@sharmas You are looking for an acronym. The first two letters stand for what google is. Hope that helps.

I'm in the middle of the "Pardon My Trench" badge right now, and I'm somehow stuck on the fourth clue. I can usually go through these "beginner" level badges in about two minutes, yet for some reason I can't find this one. The directions could hardly be more clear, yet when I search J*** D*****, as instructed, there are no results found. I think I've figured out the series the code is supposed to be in (I found one book from 1964, and then several recent ones), too, but there's nothing in the year provided.

It's possible I'm simply being completely blind and it's right there in front of me, but it seems rather unlikely, given the lack of ambiguity in this clue. Could someone who's already earned this badge just double-check that the item with the code is still out there in the catalog?




The item no longer shows up in catalog search and viewing it shows the "AADL currently owns no copies of this item" message.

Hey there GMs! ^^^^

Everybody make sure you put your friend code IN your nickname so people can add you so you both get points. My friend code is READ446.

THANK YOU SG Spectacular planners for a wonderful afternoon of fun, games and, of course, codes! Did you order the beautiful weather, too? We had loads of fun!

Thanks for confirming that I'm not insane! That's rather a relief. ;) If it's not returned to the catalog by next week, I'll contact AADL about it.


The summer game spectacular was lots of fun and the weather was delightful. Thanks for all your hard work!

I disagree about the weather -- it was sweltering and oppressive!! I had to leave early because I simply couldn't take it, unfortunately... AADL, I hope you'll consider doing this again sometime very soon, please (like this August, during the current Summer Game)!!

Oh, and how could I forget -- I love, love, love me some badges!! Don't ever stop them from dropping!!!!

One and all -- please friend me: SWEET646

@Favorite496, have you figured out the Pardon My Trench Clue? I'm stuck at the same point.

Yeah, the code still appears to be missing. I contacted AADL today and have yet to hear back, but hopefully it'll be taken care of soon and returned to the catalog. In the meantime, I suppose this is an exercise in patience for the both of us. ;)


Heard back from Eli, our fantastic GM, on the missing fourth code for "Pardon my Trench"! It sounds like the library no longer has the copy of the item in question, so the catalog record isn't available for searches, but he gave me the direct link to the item with the code:

Hope this helps anyone else who was stuck on that badge. :)


Please don't ever discontinue the Summer Game -- Ann Arborites just love it!!!!

Everyone, please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

darn, i missed the event badge. hopefully I'll be able to go to the sun eclipse event tomorrow.

There's just so many awesome badges to choose from that it's difficult to decide which ones to go for!!

[ { friend code: SWEET646 } ]

Love it

My daughter and I are struggling with the Eugenie Clark Badge Clue #4. We've found the name of the cape, and have searched C*** H*** in the catalog but seem to be going through many, many entries with no luck. Any advice on how to narrow it down? Thanks.

Emeline - I solved this clue, but can't figure out how I got it!
Do you have the "hint"?
(Once you've answered a clue, the "hint" is no longer visible, so I don't know what the hint is).
I tried entering in the answer that you have, but it doesn't seem to work. Must be more to it.

Teri, you can still see the hint after getting a clue. All you need to do is open another browser window where you are not logged in.

Note: there are only two days left to complete the World of Learning badge. That exhibit closes Sat Aug 26, a few days before the all-too-soon ending of the summer game.

Also - on Sat you can park for free on North Campus, right on Bonisteel.

and new player BLUE993

Betsy - ah yes, but I can only see one hint at a time.
n other words, I must re-answer clues 1, 2 and 3 - before I can see the hint for the 4th clue.
How much time do I want to spend here? (too much, I think!)

Great badges! Unfortunately, we missed all the spectacular badges.. this year. The event was happened before the official start date of the summer game. i wish we know that.

But will try to catch up as much as we can.

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