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Fri, 07/14/2017 - 6:40pm by eli

Can you BELIEVE IT? Only one week into the 2017 Summer Game Shop and already OVER 1,700 orders have been placed, and tonight we've got THREE NEW and TWO CLASSIC ITEMS for all you HYPER-ENTHUSIASTIC SUMMER GAME SHOPPERS.... Introducing a match made in Summer Game Shop Nirvana.... AADL-BRANDED FIELD NOTES, including PULP and the ever-popular SECRET LAB!

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Now, if you placed an order this past week, and didn't get a notification that your order is ready for pickup yet, just HANG IN THERE; your ENTHUSIASM was such that our humble SUMMER GAME SHOP ORDER FULFILLMENT CAPACITY was plum OVERMALOADED and we couldn't possibly fill them all! BUT, as is our SG HQ mantra, NO WORRIES; every order will be filled in the order received and we will be CAUGHT UP before you know it!

More great new items are coming around badge drop time next Friday, including something to help you with ATMOSPHERIC PRECIPITATION, and little piece of the LIBRARY BOARD for everyone. Stay tuned for all this and more, and....



I picked up my order from the game shop and I love every single one of the prizes! Kudos to whomever made the selection of items, because they are great.

The notebooks look nice. I can't wait for next Tuesday when I'll be back in town and can pick up my order from last week!

Hurray for last year's items reappearing! We lost our beloved citrus peeler so I am holding onto hope that we can maybe purchase a new one. Rock on AADL!

I was planning on waiting, but I couldn't resist that tote bag! I think about five people in my office got one...

I had possession of my new AADL mug for a whole five minutes before dropping it in the library parking lot. Back to the store I go...

Edit - oops

Love the pencils and case!!

Oh, Keebs23, that is so sad!

I broke my mug last year too, but at least I got several months use out of it before it happened. I think if I broke my prize right after I got it I would cry.

Any chance of the ruler/pencil box coming back in stock?

I'm hoping both the ruler box/pencils and the little adorable fox come back in stock. So darn cute! :) . But all the prizes are awesome. I'm loving the look of the cutting board in the youth display cabinet Downtown. The ice cream scoop looks cool but we already have several at home.

I just hiked the Mason Tract Pathway...a ten miles, toting my AADL umbrella. A lifesaver.

The mugs are great! And so is everything else! The ice cream scooper is a lot nicer than the plastic one we have. Thanks for picking out such nice prizes.

I had a need for a bag this morning that was just the size of the SG tote! I can't wait for them to come in; it's going to fill a vital need! I'm currently waffling between spending ALL OF THE POINTS on this awesome stuff or banking them until I see what shows up later. It's a tough call!

THANK YOU, AADL Friends, for the 'spoon saver' ice cream scoop. It's so nice that i just ordered another one for work!

Isn't the swag for the SG awesome?? I just love AADL and FAADL -- thanks guys!!!

One and all -- please friend me: SWEET646

So tired. Can't keep my eyes open. Too tired even to use my tiny little library notebooks. Tomorrow it must be.

I wish the notebooks were just a bit larger...

Everyone, please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

I really love the bag. So many small bags aren't wide-mouthed enough to accommodate a sturdy book, and this is exactly the right size. I just hope the strap holds up against my tendency to overload bags.

Maybe next year we could have larger notebooks available, please...? The ones this year are really cute, but I prefer bigger ones...

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The messenger bag is so adorable, and just the right size for little kids. Although I don't know many little kids who feel passionately about cassettes, haha.

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