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Badge Drop #6: Stars in our Eyes

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 6:15pm

WHY, you may ask, do we here at Summer Game Headquarters (SGHQ) have STARS IN OUR EYES? We're so BLOWN AWAY at you STELLAR players and the SUPREME STARPOWER you've shown us so far in Summer Game 2017!! Want to know just how STELLAR is STELLAR? Then let's get out our [|telescopes] and take a look at the ASTRONOMICAL numbers you've all racked up so far:

6,037 PLAYERS have received

50,407 BADGES and entered

310,980 CODES to earn them

104,819,074 POINTS!


Since you are all doing such a STELLAR job, we thought we'd give YOU a way to start seeing stars like we are! How will we do that? WITH THE PREMIERE OF THE STAR MASTER SERIES, THE FIRST OF THIS YEAR'S CONTRIBUTOR'S TROPHIES!!! Just rate your way through everything you've ever read, watched, and listened to to make your way to the coveted title of SUPREME STAR MASTER!!

But don't worry, we didn't get so lost in STARGAZING that we forgot to make a whole CONSTELLATION of other badges to keep you busy all night long! What ELSE have we got? Keeping with this week's theme, we've got an all-new Ann Arbor Stories badge all about ANN ARBOR'S ASTRONAUTS! There's DESSERTS and DESERTS! REBOOTS and BOOTIES! AND we've got FLAGWAVERS, the very first Level 4 badge of the year that will REALLY teach you what a Level 4 badge is all about!

2017 Badge Drop #6
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With a little luck and a lot of ratings, you could ROCKET up to the top of the [|leaderb…]! Now get out there and SHOOT FOR THE STARS!



soooooooo happy for more badges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (YEAH476) (ANYWAY966) (MUSIC344)

I was wondering when the contributor's trophies would be released. It's a couple weeks later this year than in years past.

Oh my stars - what great new badges! Looking forward to level 4 flag badge. Looks challenging!

@purchasing queen - I'm also looking forward to earning that badge, and...

Oh wow, there's a badge there with a picture of real life bell (aka Emma Watson). Huh... It's a 3-question-marker. That should be interesting too. (By the way, the badge I'm talking about is "Out of Toon").

Need help with last code for Flagwavers badge. Used flags to spell out the clue. Think I have the right place, but it is not getting me anywhere. Help!

Well alrighty!! Please keep those nifty little badges coming, AADL!!

Please add me -- my friend code is: SWEET646

Yes, yes, yes -- keep those challenges/badges coming!!

Please add me: my friend code is: SWEET646

Please stop picking "popular wedding" spots when doing the explorer badges, every time you do we end up in the middle of someone's wedding and the brides are ALWAYs testy about uninvited people "crashing" their wedding because a gamecode is there. Never mind the fact that they've chosen a public location for their wedding, they apparently believe it's a private location because they've paid to use the space. Doesn't matter how polite we are or how unintrusive we try to be or how quickly we try to find the code and move out, people have made rude comments about us being there. Not once has anyone left us alone for the 5 or less minutes we need to find the code or said something politely to us. I know you'll probably say just email for those codes, but I perfer to actually find the code myself. Thank you.

Hi everyone make sure you put your friend code in your nickname so people can add you!

Add me! -READ446

FYI, on the "leave room for desert" badge, one of the clues mentions Antarctica a few times, but it is misspelled as "Antartica". Common mistake, but just thought I'd point it out! Do I get a secret surprise of bonus points for pointing that out?? :D

(LETTER 776)

I'm having trouble with entering my game codes related to my cell phone. How can I get technical assistance with this issue, please?

One and all -- please add me as a friend! My friend code is: SWEET646

Me too

dnkratz, I can't even get the 3rd and 4th clues there! The o**** *** *** ** ** S** P******** figure I must be looking for W****** G******? But that's not panning out o_O

- GLAD499

@ a2sue - on your player page you should see listed 3rd down "cell phone" - is your # listed there? For more assistance fill out a contact us and give as much information as you can to describe your problem. Thanks for playing!

I haven't gotten to any of the new crop of badges yet, but the comments here about the latest communication badge are making me nervous...yikes!

EDIT: Updated to remove the hint I accidentally included!

New game player, my family member coming late to the game and in need of friends, sharing a never-before-seen game code: BLUE993

Okay, so... the words in all caps inside the clues of the easy badges really seem like bonus clues. is this a thing?

I know I'm behind but I'm working on the Playing the Ponies badge and can't get the second clue. When I look for Pet and Patty all I get is Little House on the Prairie.... not sure if I'm totally off. Have been working on it all week. Need any directional clues!!!!

Needs Help! I don't want the answer, just a hint for the "Google It" final clue.

Clue: Guess he had to get into the automobile business after all. Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility—a self-driving technology company with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around.Larry Page (being the giant that he is) probably uses this cellular service with his Nexus and/or Pixel device.

HINT: Fee-fi-fo-fum – the one that goes with wi. And sometimes stereos.

I get giant, and wi-fi... but can't come up with anything. Please help! This is driving me crazy!!


Does anyone know what they mean by "elevated spot" in the Skylines badge? It surely is a hard one!

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Google it badge with Larry Page and I am having extreme trouble finding the second code word. I am hoping that some of you could help me out with some more clues to help me find the second code word.
Thanks so much for the help


I don't think giant has anything to do with it. You need the word that comes after "wi" and then find google's wireless service with that word in the name. The name of the wireless service is the code.


You need the town where this two horses were traded. It took a bit of googling, but I found it eventually. There is a fruit involved.


You need a three letter abbreviation for companies that optimize websites for web searches.

THANK YOU! (I'm a little embarrassed by how irritated I was that I couldn't figure it out!)

I was totally thinking they would have changed this "good enough" blog comment system. Apparently not. @nothing. #whatamIhashtaggingfor

I just finished the "Flagwavers" badge, and I loved it! It was challenging, but so different, like a puzzle within a puzzle. I tip my hat to whoever put it together.

Stuck on Printing xyz badge

Any help would be appreciated. I'm stuck on:

These additive manufacturing machines are headed into space. As NASA works toward human-staffed missions to Mars and beyond, food storage becomes a significant problem. Thankfully, 3D printers can be used to extrude the perfect food in case the astronauts want to have a casual shindig on the Red Planet.

HINT: Ninja Turtles and Rock-afire Explosion might be there, too! This one’s a SECRET.

thinking pizza, but nothing is working.


Thank you! Got it! This badge series should be rated difficult just because of the confusing way the clues are written!

Help! Anyone have a hint for the 4th clue of the Flake Fun badge? I've spent wayyy more time researching that than I want to admit. I feel like i now know the entire history of inclusive education, lol. Any further hints than the one listed? (Which baffles me btw) Clearly I'm missing something!

Thanks! (LETTER776)

Karen OH - Focus your attention on the website for the * * F********n. They'll give you just enough history to figure it out!

Thank you for the attempt, bit i think this one just eludes me. I keep trying but I just can't figure it out!

@KarenOH If it makes you feel any better, I'm stuck too! (And the fact that I am a school teacher makes it worse!)

Coolness -- I finished collecting all of the branch codes and all of the banners! I don't think I've ever done that before.

Feedback: The Traverwood branch banner is in a spot that is very hard to find, which encourages people to walk all the way around the building looking for it. I suggest moving it to a more visible spot, so that people don't go tromping around on the grass plantings.

Can I have help with the third code in high moon. I'm behind on catalog badges- Love674

I have so much fun with the Skylines badges! They have really opened up my perspective. When I was new to the game I was stumped by these, and now I have a strategy!

Hmm, I feel like I've researched that like crazy. I think I'm making this too difficult. Can you tell me if im looking for the code itself or something to look up in the catalogue?

@KarenOH: I found it through the catalog, but entering the name of the school with no spaces would work just the same. If you're not on, start there.

Oh. My. Goodness. Lol, I've looked all over that site yesterday... I didn't see any specific schools listed, just states. I have tons of badges, but just can't get this one! Can you tell I don't like leaving things unfinished? :P

I hear ya! I'm the same way. I ultimately found it by googling a phrase from the clue... part of the sentence that had the word "institution" in it.

I'm having trouble with the fourth clue in Haint Misbehavin'. I've tried h**********n, ph*****sm, t********y... help! USUALLY779

Stuck on flagwaveers clue 2. I know the cities are B****n and P***e, but netering them in the catalog gets only one result, which has no code. ??? Thanks!


Haint Misbehaving - The phrase to search is three words: N- L- G.

Flagwavers - Based on the letters you mentioned both cities are wrong.

Thanks, @keebs23. I'm really confused about the cities then because both Wikipedia and the hint seem to match. I will ask te library!!!

Did anyone else watch the July 12 Human Rights Commission meeting? I didn't hear them ever give out the code. Did I miss it, or did they never give out the code?

I guess I chose the wrong meetings to watch yesterday because I also watched the July 5 Public Art Commission meeting, and they also didn't give out the code!


Some tough ones I'm stuck on, but will keep trying. Waiting for the next drop, today. Around 6:30 or 7:00?

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the flake fun badge and I need help finding the fourth code word. I have looked every way possible and I still can't find it. I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me with some more clues to help me find the fourth code word.
Thanks so much for the help

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