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Fri, 07/21/2017 - 5:31pm by eli

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We've got two more NEW and two more CLASSIC items for you Summer Game Shoppers this week, featuring the snappy Bamboo LIBRARY BOARD and the long-awaited MAGENTABRELLA!

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These are sure to be some VERY POPULAR ITEMS so be sure to SHARE NICELY when you place your order! Also, more RAINBOW RULERS and ROTARY DEIDLEIZERS are on the way, so watch for those in a future SHOP DROP, along with a WISE LITTLE FRIEND for our now-sold out S.G. FOXPANTS.

There won't be a SHOP DROP next friday, but we've got a bunch more items yet to come in August, so stay tuned, and....



Just ordered the board and the umbrella and picked up the deidleizer today. Thank you AADL and Friends of AADL!

So excited to see new things in the shop. I ordered the pink umbrella! I really like the color!

How did you guys know we needed a cutting board and umbrella?! This is the best!

I picked up my commuter coffee mug today. I love it so much, I quickly ordered another.

SG Shopkeepers - Luv the new merch! I ordered a board and a magentabrella. Great color choice. Will be hard to lose - or easy to find if it does walk away - lol!

Great swag this summer, AADL!! Especially loving the new cutting board and magentabrella!! Very, very nice!!

So, is there going to be any kind of t-shirt available this summer as well, please?? Pretty, pretty please??!

Anyone, everyone -- please add me: my friend code is: SWEET646

I am hoping for another picnic blanket. It's my favorite way of bumping into fellow SGers out in the wild.

Me too!! Would love to see another family-sized cooler again as well...

Please add me -- my friend code is: SWEET646

Did anyone else's heart sink just a tad with the news that there will be no new "drop" this upcoming Friday? LOL I get way too addicted to this game.

Just to be clear, there will still be a Badge Drop this Friday, there just won't be a shop drop this Friday (7/28). Lots more stuff coming in the shop in August, though, including restocks of fidget spinners and rainbow rulers, so stay tuned!

Thank you for the great items!! I have been enjoying the colored pencils, so I am glad that you are restocking and more people will get to enjoy them as well!!

@Hanh Bui, the umbrella definintely fits in a backpack!

Does anyone know how big the pocket notebook is -- pocket size varies!! I'd like to use it to jot down notes when plant geeking! :)

Field Notes measure 3.5" x 5.5". And we are not likely to have a cutting board restock; they were a special purchase! There may be a restock at the very end of the game of just a handful of items, so if you missed something, stay tuned for that!

Just picked up a tangle toy and it is amazing! I'm surprised by how smooth it is. I will definitely get a lot of use out of this.

Can't wait for today's shop drop!!!!

One and all -- please add me as a friend! My code is: SWEET646

the cutting board is absolutely beautiful and great quality

You guys are killing me with the puns. I love it! LIBRARY BOARD. Those also sold out SO FAST!!! Way to go summer gamers!!!

How delicately should I care for this cutting board? I'm afraid to ruin it if I chop up fresh turmeric or beetroot (and stain it) or then take a wire-scrubber to it (and scratch it).

Love that magenta umbrella. Was thinking of giving it as a gift but I changed my mind and I'm going to keep it instead!

The library board is extremely nice, and I also like the umbrella a lot. Awesome swag this year, AADL!!!

Everyone, please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

I picked up the beach ball I ordered and have already used it. We had quite a bit of fun tossing it around.

I love my library board and the magentabrella!! Great swag this time around, AADL (as always!!)...

friend code: SWEET646

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