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Badge Drop #7: Tags! You're it!

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 6:05pm by mariah

HOLY MOLY, SUMMER GAMERS! Now that you've shown some SUPREME STARPOWER, gotten ON BOARD, and sought out the SPECTACULAR, what MORE SUMMER FUN could POSSIBLY be LEFT?!?!? You might imagine that your STELLAR performance had STUNNED all of us here at SGHQ into silence.

FEAR NOT, intrepid players, because we've taken a deep breath, wracked our respective brains, and want to assure you that there's still ONE MORE MONTH of curious clues, hectic hunts, and scintillating searches to go!


We've got a BUSHEL of BEWILDERING BADGES dropping today, awaiting the quick wit and calculated cunning of YOU, the most SHREWD SUMMER GAMERS!

Whether your interest is piqued by CHROMOSOMES or CRYPTOZOOLOGY, or whether you'd rather hunt for BIGFOOT or a DUMBO OCTOPUS, we've got a badge for YOU! We've got TOWERS, DRAGONS and even a little HEAVY METAL!

2017 Badge Drop #7
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So SNAP TO IT! Grab those badges, rack up those points, and move on up that leaderboard by tackling this week's contributor trophies and tacking TAGS onto your favorite items in the catalog!

We're extending some GO GET 'EM enthusiasm to you — TAG(s)! YOU'RE IT!



Can anyone let me know if there are time constraints (e.g. closing hours) on any of the Sky Lines badge locations?

Hi! If you add my Friend Code, GIVE746, and you have edited your summergame nickname to include your Friend Code, then I'll friend you in return. : )

None of the Skylines badges will be prevented by operating hours, but it can be harder to see if you're in the right place once it gets dark!

Looks like there's a problem with the 4th code on the new Expiration Date badge. It is actually listed right on the badge page, but doesn't work when entered.

Khamidi, no shop drop this week. We'll likely have new items every friday in August, so stay tuned!


I have to be honest -- I really don't understand how to earn any the badges that are posted online. Is there some sort of online tutorial or instructions for those of us who are currently in the dark, please??

One and all -- please add me as a friend! My code is: SWEET646

Yes, there is a tutorial badge this year. Go to the badge list and in the very first category (Getting Started) do the "Go" badge (the one with lots of little badges on it). It will help you figure out how to do the online badges. The single question mark badges are also pretty easy to figure out - they tell you just what to do.
Good luck and have fun!

Is it wrong that I'm an adult who looks forward to Fridays not for the weekend - but for the newest badge drops and SG Shop items - lol? Thx, AADL!


Forth code is not on badge page but on the supplier page. I having issues figuring out the first code.


Figured out and earned the badge. Was the looking at wrong piece of literature.

Love the cryptozoology stuff!

Feel free to add me and family:

Key word: bewildering. I'd appreciate guidance on Hoax Holiday badge code #2 - otherwise I'll have to ditch my efforts. Thank you!


Guaranteed Friend Code Follow Back!

Could someone help me with the One for the Mummy badge codes 3 4 and 5. Friend me and i'll friend you back---- Love674

I'm having a horrible time figuring out the Expiration Date badge for this week. Can someone help me with the 2nd clue please?

As with @kbeach97, I eventually figured out the first clue / code, took a long time to get a Google search to show me Poe's short story, not Poe's poem and not another author's short story. But I got it.

I am LOST on the second clue. Klassic Kharacter was dead end, completely unhelpful phrase I figured out after 20 minutes of Google searching. Skateboard is one word, not two, but I've tried figuring out the clue based on that too - no luck. I finally found a list of all newspaper comics on wikipedia here: I've done a find on all 3 sublists, nothing.

Help Please!! A 2 question mark badge is not supposed to be this hard!

Ugh, you guys - the 4th clue on the "Overly Defensive" badge is driving me crazy! The only thing I can think of that is part of royalty, uses ice magic, friends with princesses, and a man, is a certain type of ____man that likes hugs. Am I off here? Anyone else figured this one out yet?


FYI, both the fourth and fifth Dungeon Delver codes are appearing on the catalog record for the fourth clue.

And thanks again for the fun summer fun, both inside and out! I've lived in Ann Arbor for years, and hadn't been to Barton Pond until the badge drew me there today. It's lovely!

To all the summer gamers out there I need help finding the fourth codeword for the flake fun badge
Thanks so much for the help

So does anyone know how Points-O-Matic works and how players can earn points there? I am absolutely and totally clueless!!!!

One and all -- please add me as a friend! My code is: SWEET646

Do the Exploration badges and Line It Up badges expire? I've done old exploration badges before and they worked fine, but now they're all telling me the codes are expired.

I'm getting the same thing with some of the bonus codes for older web-search badges. Some of the bonus codes work, some don't.

There is a wikipedia page for "fictional characters with ice or cold abilities" that helped me with the Overly Defensive badge. I was able to narrow it down by looking for a character that seemed to be a part of royalty.

I am now stuck on the last clue, so let me know if you are able to complete the badge! I thought it would be straightforward to search for her profession since it is stated in the clue, but I can't find anything.

@A2sue to play Points-O-Matic go to your summer game then click on Points-O-Matic select either Helpful Review or Directory Correctory mode. Once you get more points you unlock a new mode Also One For The Mummy code 3 is driving me nuts!


Thanks for the tip. I finally found my answer by Googling "old school newspaper comic" and looking at the top 25 list that came up.

The hint on the badge is HORRIBLE! I was off looking for a comic that had a name similar to "skate board" (what the gift is) or "old school" (the type of skateboard that the gift is), when in actuality the answer IS in the name of the maker! It's Crazy Cat!

The Hint says: "So if you're looking at the type, not the maker, of Bram's gift from his dad, you're on the way". That's plainly wrong.

Bram specifically says the maker is "Natas Kaupas Crazy Cat". He then immediately explains "a skateboard", and later says the type is "out of style--those old decks". In his verbose description of the gift he even says it has "matching old-skool".

I can't figure out the final clue for Hoax Holiday. I know the company is G****e but can't find anything in the catlog, even when adding search (well, I found codes from 2015 and 2016, and one i'd already enetered this year, but not the right listing to finish the badge. Thanks!

Ha ha ha, never mind. Just found it, if anyone else is having trouble, search by title, not keyword.

The Olsen Park badge was nice and easy. So if you're looking for a badge that requires you get out and about, but isn't too taxing, that's a good one.

Bonus: there is a "little free library" on site and my friend just loaded it up with books.

For the last Overly Defensive clue, the correct catalog record shows up in a search for one word related to the profession and is, itself, related to the item(s) hinted at in the extra hint; you may need to go to the second page of the search. This should hopefully narrow down the individual records you have to go through! Note, too, that the correct catalog record does not come up at all for a lot of similar searches; the terms are relatively specific. I hope this helps, without giving too much away!

For my part, I'm having trouble with the second clue in the Vote Ann Arbor badge. I looked up the city charter and know what the clue is referring to, but no two-word term (singular or plural) that I can think of is hitting for me. Any hints as to what the specific phrasing is?

Just figured out the friends code thing. Here's ours!


let's be library friends!

@ unikitty92: Major thanks to you! I blame having a 4 year old daughter for being "frozen" on that clue. :)

As for the last clue on this badge, MeganH's clue below helps. Also, try searching the catalog for the pluralized version of the key word in the extra clue. Good luck!

@MeganH: Go to the URL at the top of the badge, then click on "The Basics" and scroll down a bit -- you'll find the 2 words you're looking for. :)


the first word is a common circular dessert, the second word is one of the six simple machines (plural)

*headdesk* Thanks for the hint on that phrasing. That was the one thing I hadn't tried (of course it was). Looking at the wards, though, I'm not quite sure I've ever seen a [dessert name] shaped quite like they are!

bethlang - Try looking at Exodus, chapter 9:8-9 - New International Version, not King James.

Lmd3577 - K's main legacy has a website. It has the historical information you need; neither Wikipedia nor the library catalog will help much on this one.

annyhanny - Read quite carefully. Your search term will be a general word, not a proper noun.

MeganH - Bless you for trying to help with the last Overwatch clue.

- GLAD499

Gosh that Overly Defensive badge was way harder than I was expecting - maybe needs to be a 4 ? difficulty!! thanks for the hints @unikitty92 @meganh and @mandyghutton


I'm assuming you're not old. We all have our knowledges and our dearths. I was never in to skateboards, didn't learn a thing about them growing up in the 80s and 90s, other than their existence and that it was hard to ride one! At least the afforable-because-it's-used one I got. In contrast, I breezed through the Dungeon Delver badge. The only clue I had to do a web search for was the one about the 5th edition module, because I didn't even bother with 5e. 4e was a disappointment, and I refused to play a version that was pretty much just a table top game of rules to emulate an online rpg. My favorite is still 3.5. But, the point is, age doesn't mean you know too much, nor does a lack of knowing mean you're young!

Thanks again for the help! Happy Summer Gaming!

rats! Leave town and unplug for a couple weeks and things in the shop appear and sell out before you return! any chance of more umbrellas coming in before the shop closes?

Maybe I'm just to tired, it's been a rough summer... but the 2nd clue for the Vote Ann Arbor badge really doesn't make sense to me. I've got the name of the dessert, but "enter the plural, two-word phrase" makes no sense to me.

Expiration Date Badge

I'm stuck on the first clue. Story, not poem. Got that. But the story I am thinking of only has a narrator and old man.

Exploration badges and Line It Up codes can expire - let us know what codes/badges you're having trouble with via 'contact us' and we can fix them! Thanks for playing!

Okay, so I know this was from a few weeks ago, but can anybody help me with "Little Bots" clue 4? Can't figure out the song unless it is R****. In any case, can't find the cd.

@ sara

The title of the poem is given in the third paragraph. Check Wikipedia for a story it is associated with.

I'm having the same problem with the little bots badge. I just requested the book hoping that might help me.

@AprilCDB - The phrase is not just the dessert. It's two words - the dessert and the portion. And don't forget to vote next week!


I found the poem and the story with witch it is associated....but no six-letter code I enter works. I guess I don't know what to do with that information.


If you google "Ally Sheedy robot", the movie comes right up. Read through the description and you'll find your answer. :)

@ sara

The title of the story is the code (and a woman's name). The poem's title consists of three words (one of them a definite article). Hope this helps! :)

Finally finished Flagwavers! The last clue took a while to parse out, but then it was easy. And so cool to learn the history of that symbol!!! I really like the fact that you learn stuff doing these badges.

@pk, I still don't know. Pretty sure I've got the right dessert, but I can't get a code to work. I've tried variations of p**s***** and p**p***** both plural and not. I must have the wrong words or something.

@April I had a hard time with the specific wording of this code as well! I'm sure you've got the right dessert; the second word is the shape or, as someone above pointed out, a type of simple machine. Hope that solves it!

Anyone else having trouble with the last code of the chromosomes badge? I fond the name H**T, but not anything else.

@MeganH thanks. I did scroll through the postings looking to see if anyone else had difficultly looking for additional clues, but missed your original post on it. I finally got it once I Googled Six Simple Machines. I don't think of a portion using that particularly word, which is why I couldn't get it. Thanks!


I still don't get it. I'm so mixed up now, and have tried so many things,... but thanks for trying to help!

has anyone noticed that the 2016 badges really aren't worth trying to earn because the codes are expired?! Why do they leave them on the site if you can't earn them?

@ aunty - library staff can unexpire any codes/badges you might want to solve. Just use the 'contact us' link above and let us know which ones and we'll fix them for you! Thanks for playing!

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