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Badge Drop #7: Tags! You're it!

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 6:05pm

HOLY MOLY, SUMMER GAMERS! Now that you've shown some SUPREME STARPOWER, gotten ON BOARD, and sought out the SPECTACULAR, what MORE SUMMER FUN could POSSIBLY be LEFT?!?!? You might imagine that your STELLAR performance had STUNNED all of us here at SGHQ into silence.

FEAR NOT, intrepid players, because we've taken a deep breath, wracked our respective brains, and want to assure you that there's still ONE MORE MONTH of curious clues, hectic hunts, and scintillating searches to go!


We've got a BUSHEL of BEWILDERING BADGES dropping today, awaiting the quick wit and calculated cunning of YOU, the most SHREWD SUMMER GAMERS!

Whether your interest is piqued by CHROMOSOMES or CRYPTOZOOLOGY, or whether you'd rather hunt for BIGFOOT or a DUMBO OCTOPUS, we've got a badge for YOU! We've got TOWERS, DRAGONS and even a little HEAVY METAL!

2017 Badge Drop #7
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So SNAP TO IT! Grab those badges, rack up those points, and move on up that leaderboard by tackling this week's contributor trophies and tacking TAGS onto your favorite items in the catalog!

We're extending some GO GET 'EM enthusiasm to you — TAG(s)! YOU'RE IT!



It took me forever to find the website with the relevant information for the Heavy Metal badge. I'm glad that one is done.


If you're still stuck on the first clue for Expiration Date, the poem has a three-word title. This poem was later included in a story that has a six-letter title beginning with "L". This title beginning with "L" is the code.

@Sara--the search I just mentioned gets you the poem's name. Then you plug that into Google and the name in quotes in the result listing for the Wikipedia entry is the code.

I work with some of the people from WEMU, they were thrilled to learn AADL included them in the summer game.

I have the first 3 codes for Overly Defensive, but the last 3 codes are impossible to figure out.

@SBNB, I agree with you on Flagwavers!

@aunty, the last clue to Overly Defensive was very hard. I pieced it together by a hint someone gave earlier on this thread. Search the catalog for two key words: the name of the profession (which you can find by Googling the character's name + past life (or past profession; I forget which one ended up working) and the word in all caps in the clue.

Can't wait for the badge drop today!!

One and all -- please add me as a friend! My code is: SWEET646

I've tried searching ballet dancer etoile, like someone suggested, and it got me nothing. I don't know how anyone ever earned this badge.

@aunty I spent a lot of time trawling through results to get this; the search you have to run to get the result is somewhat specific. You're on the right track; try cutting out a word and pluralizing another one.

Haint misbehavin code 4 is tough. Frank Podmore's theory is not in Wikipedia. Suggestions?

Thank you all for your help!

I finally got the first Expiration Date clue after I had decided to give up!


What is the fourth clue for Haint Misbehavin'? I cannot figure out what to search, and please don't say Frank Podmore.

Has anyone done the Forest Hill badge? I can't get half the codes to work.
I don't know why codes 2, 4 and 6 won't work. Maybe I miss spelled something?

@ aunty

No, you're not looking for Podmore - you're hunting down the theory he put forward (three words). Wikipedia is your friend! Read the entry for "poltergeist" and you won't miss it. :)

I did the Forest Hill badge, and all the codes worked. We did a lot of walking in circles trying to find everything as the map didn't seem to match the actual cemetery paths at times, and the sections are not marked well.

I'm still stuck on the last clue for the Overwatch badge, has anyone else had any luck?

@ aunty - re: the Forest Hill badge - send in a 'contact us' using the link above and let us know what you found (as much info as you have) - and how you're spelling and we'll help you out! Thanks for playing!

For that difficult final clue in the overwatch defense badge, try adding an "s" to something you're searching. Good luck!

We loved the Olson Park hike, and saw a Blue Heron! We are enjoying all the Explorer Badges! Thanks for a wonderful Summer Game 2017! We are having a great time!

@Erin GM:

I sent a message about the expired codes via "Contact Us" about a week ago, and haven't gotten a reply yet. I tried the codes again this morning, and they still come up as expired. They're the code for Fieldlines from 2016, one of the Matthei Conservatory codes from 2014 (the one that starts with an H), and the bonus code for Crocotta Industry from 2014.


@nemiller -- I went in just now and checked and the 2016 Field Lines code is now fixed! Not sure when you checked last but the Matthaei Conservatory codes are all fixed to expire this September. And there isn't a code for this badge that starts with an "H." I can't locate the "bonus" code for the Crocotta Industry badge, but the rest of the codes work - you may need to wait to hear back on this one. The GM who made this badge is on vacation - so perhaps next week?
Thanks for playing!

Can someone help me with the third clue for why chromosomes, because whatever i do, i can't find the beetle form.

Who does the art design for the badges? Fun!!

Everyone, please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

A little late to the game here, but what is a useful tag for AADL? If something has already been tagged with a term, is it worth tagging with it again (if it's a good one), to give it a heavier weight? Thanks!

@JerryWang - It doesn't sound like a beetle name at all. It sounds like the name of a different type of bug. I found the page at to be more helpful than the Wikipedia article. If you google her name, it should come up in the top 3-5 results.

I'm having a horrible time with the first clue for the "Cutting Corners" badge. I thought I found the right term but the only item that comes up with that term doesn't have a code. But I can't come up with another name for the term. Anyone have any clues that could help? Thanks!


** Update: Never mind... apparently I just had to ask for help and then my brain would figure it out. I had the wrong suffix. **


A good tag is something that people might use to search for a book or to describe a book. Let's take Magic Tree House for example - Putting "Magic Tree House" in the tags isn't bad (and something I'm guilty of myself, using the obvious terms), it's just not the *best* use of a tag. But a tag of "jack and annie" or their names individually would be helpful in case someone can't remember the series but they look for "jack and annie" as a tag. That'll bring up Magic Tree House. Also terms like "good" or "best" usually aren't good tags but a tag of "treehouse" or "dogs" or something else that the book might be about is a good tag.

Absolutely tag away even if someone's already tagged stuff. Like you said, it'll give the term heavier weight. :) Hopefully I explained that well and you're not even more confused!

Yes, I tag the way I enter search terms on Google for things I can't remember the exact name of. Characters, genre, plotpoint, themes, any defining characteristic someone is likely to remember.

So many badges, so little time!!! Can't believe the Summer Game is almost at the end...

Love this

I always look forward to seeing the new badges every week of the SG -- the AADL staff is obviously quite creative!!!

friend code: SWEET646

I'm having a great time doing the skylines badges, even though I'm terrified of heights.....

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