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Mixed Media by Suzanne Hodges


Thursday March 1, 2018: 9:00am to Saturday April 14, 2018: 5:00pm


Downtown Library: 3rd Floor Exhibit


Painted fabric collage "Down and Out" by Suzanne Hodges
Down and Out by Suzanne Hodges

The artistic career of Suzanne Hodges spans over five decades. In that period, Suzanne has

explored a variety of mediums including oil on canvas, charcoal on paper and, most recently, painted canvas collages. Her work has been featured across the country in galleries from New York City to Beverly Hills, and internationally in Milan and Bologna, Italy. 


This exhibit is comprised of two series. The Around in Circles series is the artist's response to moving from Brooklyn, NY to suburban Denver at age 80, while the more geometric series is her exploration into how color and value can create an inexhaustibly mysterious sense of space.